Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rima Fakih Nude - An Update

I have no clue how long ago this nude Rima thing started happening, but traffic from this search will simply NOT go away.

On Google.

We now have definitive proof that Bing is totally useless to really cool people that want to drive traffic to their blog by nefarious means. I am not on the first twenty (20) pages of Bing, yet I am either number two or number one on Teh Google every day since this thing broke wide open.

What gives Microsoft? Why dost thou hate me so?

Anyhoo, since Monday I have been teaching myself some CSS stuff to try to start building a website that I can understand. It is a huge task to learn stuff when you know that it is never going to pay you money. But, I am learning some necessary information.

And dude, look I found from Teh Google Docs. The Google drawing editor.

Seriously, it is like they can read my damned mind. I think that wearing headphones while on the computer is giving them access to too much now.

Look! They even have more on the drawing thingy!!!

Now, if I can just figure out how to draw nekkid chicks to get more traffic.

By the way, if you are ever typing an e-mail and need to see an older one on G-Mail, here's the trick. I just used this for the first time, today, too. It is amazing what you discover you cannot live without in such a short period of time.

Here's some naked Rima Fakih, by the way.

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Basil said...

Okay, you convinced me to do a Google search for "Rima Fakih Nude"

I still don't know who she is. But, I'm assuming that when she's nude, you can see her lady parts.

What Teh Google out to do is, when searches for people nude shows up, and there ain't no pix of that person nude, is take the face and put it on a generic pic of lady parts.

Imagine how much traffic that would get.

paul mitchell said...

Basil you should know who she is because your niece is in the pageants. Rima Fakih is the girl that won Miss USA a couple of weeks ago. And as far as I know, there are no nude photos of her, but there is a pole dancing video!

(And no, it sucks, too.)

Skunkfeathers said...

I need something to purge the image of Helen Thomas debasing the cover of Playboy last week...yuck time a gazillion.

Andy said...

TD, that Google drawing editor looks cool. I'm gonna monkey around with anybody really cares.

Ummmm...Oh, I forgot what I was gonna say. Thanks for the tip anyway.

Basil said...

Oh, Miss USA. That other pageant series. That's why I never heard of her. My niece is in the Miss America line of pageants. The real one. With no pole dancing.

Although the Miss America pageant did get a Penthouse magazine scandal that lead to her (Vanessa Williams) giving up the title. So we got that.

paul mitchell said...

My link to one of Vanessa William's nude photos is the single most clicked link on this blog, Basil.

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