Friday, June 25, 2010

Vuvuzela and World Cup Soccer are TEH GHEY - Patrycja Mikula Nude

No matter how useless and boring soccer is to dudes, you simply must admit that this chick is SMOKING HOT. I have no idea if this is actually Patrycja Mikula, because I have not looked in a Playboy magazine since I was about nine or ten. I graduated to the hardcore stuff at an early age, and then had to go even further to the stuff involving animals and plants. Trust me, it just cannot get freaky enough for me.

More photos of her here.

Anyhoo, it seems that Patrycja Mikula married some soccer playing, panty-wearing, booty-boy because his deddy is not going to leave him any money if he doesn't quit doing the dirty with men, like all other soccer players.

I think that she must be getting PAID, because she used to date an MMA fighter. To go from a dude, to whatever you want to call someone that plays soccer, is a huge, monumental step in the wrong direction unless it is for money.

That said, isn't the vuvuzela enough to convince you that we need to quit offering financial aid to Africa? Africans are simply too stupid to exist. And if you consider yourself an "African-American," you too, are a moron.

Sorry, African-American is NOT A FREAKING RACE.

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Anonymous said...


Vuvuzelas are great, I can't wait to hear them during the fall when real football starts. It will drive the players crazy.

Imagine the noise levels with those devices. Oh that constant humm in the background, it's great...really (no sarcasm).


paul mitchell said...

And people bitch about We Suck's cowbells.

(Dead) Tommy5 said...

Where are you going to be burning crosses while wearing your bed sheets this weekend?

Anonymous said...

cowbells are caustic sounding, the vuvuzelas have this constant hummm thing going. That drone is much more pleseant than sound emitted by thousands of is kind of soothing in a way.


paul mitchell said...

(D)T5, GHEY is not a race either.

Roderick, I watched one two minute video of one of the US games and almost clawed my ears off.

Barry the Barbarian said...

But I am an "African-American."

paul mitchell said...

And Barry, your African Americanism is NOT a race, either. HA!

The Mayor said...

Man, that was a whole lot of great you managed to cram together in just a few sentences.

I'm still laughing. A manly laugh, of course.

paul mitchell said...

Thanks Mayor, I have had a bellyful of that soccer shit.

Skunkfeathers said...

It's been a great break AWAY from the TV, until that Third World sport is off the air, vuvuzelas and all...

Anonymous said...

The SEC (the Big Ten is) will not ban the vuvuzelas....that is great news.

The vuvuzelas are coming to the SEC!!!


paul mitchell said...

Roderick, there is already a ban on artificial noisemakers in the SEC because of the cowbells. The vuvuzela will fall under that rule during in conference games.

By the way, in conference games are the only ones that are important because all other conferences SUCK.

Anonymous said...


But the cowbells can be used under specific circumstance like before pre-game.

The key part is I can walk into an SEC game with a vuvuzela in my hand.

"This instrument, no matter how irritating to some, will not be banned from SEC games this upcoming season, according to the SEC. The instrument of choice in South Africa, which may or may not catch on here in the states, can be brought into stadiums across the league.

The vuvuzela, along with any artificial noisemaker, will fall under the revamped guidelines of the Mississippi State cowbell, according to SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom. Fans are only allowed to use the cowbells (or vuvuzelas) during pregame, between quarters, halftime, timeouts, after scores and during possession changes.
Fans are only allowed to use the cowbells (or vuvuzelas) during pregame, between quarters, halftime, timeouts, after scores and during possession changes."

Droooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, music to my ears. Welcome to America vuvuzela!


paul mitchell said...

I really do not think that you will be able to do that either, the SEC banned anything that could be used to wave a flag, like an umbrella, to keep the Klanslingtonville Rebels of Ole Miss from waving the "I Hate Black People" flags.

So, strike two, Roderick. What else you got?

Anonymous said...

Uh Paul,

They make mini vuvuzelas...look at the size of the vuvuzelas (that were given away) at the baseball game recently in Florida. They were the size of half your forearm, but were annoying enough to affect the game and players.

The vuvuzela doesn't have to be that exaggerated in size to get the desired affect, enough mini vuvuzelas is just a effective(annoying)....especially with our 100k+ stadiums like Tennessee.

Home Run!


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