Sunday, August 22, 2010

Site News!

In the past two days, I have been running every kind of social experiment known to man at this blog.  Since Rima Fakih made her opinion known on the Muslim Victory Trophy on Manhattan known, RIma Fakih NUDE has been experiencing a traffic boom.

Right Girl has a SMOKING HOT photo of Rima Fakih NUDE.

So, with this added traffic, I got better data for my studies.

Now, you need to add the Wibiya Toolbar.  And use mine, too.  Send my posts to everyone you know.  Become a better spammer for MoM.

The other service I added was OnlyWire.  Boy, avoid that like the damned plague.  I think that Barry Obama must have invented it.

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Andy said...

That Wibiya deal is cool. I might do that, but I don't like orange.

I went over and posted a comment at Wendy's joint. I told her that you made me come look at that skaggot she had up there.

Red said...

Well if Rima says move it then that's got to be the clincher.

paul mitchell said...

Andy, there are all different color schemes, but we'uns here gotta go with the FF4500 if we can.

Red, yes, Muslim bikini chicks are the only Muslims that get a say in the matter.

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