Monday, November 22, 2010

Drive-By Blogging - Jokes from the MiL Part 2 and Da Newz!!!

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For the jokes from the MiL, click the image to see it large size. She has a good point.

Smitty's sidekick, Stacy McCain, has a list of stuff that Pelosi's feckless Congress is going to try to ram through before they have to leave Congress entirely.

Obama continues to set FIRSTS. His first polling below 40% approval.

There was a video out yesterday about Warren Buffet not wanting to keep his current tax rates. Grouchy Old Cripple calls him out.

The funny thing about Buffet's comments is that he is dead wrong about taxes.

The developers of the Muslim Victory Trophy on Manhattan want five MILLION dollars in federal funding to buy Beechnut to spit in our eyes. President Cheap Lawnchair is busy folding up to capitulate, too.

Newsweek has another bizarre cover of President Dumbass, too. Remember, Barry Obama is just really young, maybe when he is two hundred years old, he'll have matured and put away his asinine childish beliefs. He's just so young.

But, we CAN learn some important lessons from President Pampers McBinky.

Here are eight things that President Doofus is attempting to take over in our lives.

Not to mention the HUGE land grabs.

The head of a household that makes minimum wage has more disposable income that a family making 60k a year. Who did NOT know this? Shit, minimum wage earners scrap by on 15,080 a year, but do not pay any taxes, they do not pay a mortgage, utilities, food bills, for school, for cell phones, cable, or medical services. I really need to actually figure out how much money we are talking about, but I did do a post on low-income housing that showed the living conditions of government subsidized housing.

But, since we gotta pay all those poor people so they can watch television all day long, we gotta cut something. How about the military?

What is in the future for the Obamanonomy? Can it be good? Shit no.

Paul Krugman thinks that the economy is going bad because MEAN WHITE PEOPLE want to make Obama look bad. Methinks that Krugman really doesn't understand much of anything, but he certainly doesn't understand RAAAAACISM. Racists do not want to destroy the economy to make a black dude look bad, they want to hang him. Krugman must not be paying attention when he attends the Democrat Party Steering Committee meetings when they talk about killing black people.

Funny about what Krugman says is that our public schools are almost exclusively run by members of Krugman's Klan and look at the performance of the black kids.

Would you believe that decline is by DESIGN?

In medical services new, Joe FREAKING Biden says that ObamaCare has not made premiums go up.

In case you were unaware, Joe FREAKING Biden is a dumbass.

The press is also stupid, because they are shocked that ObamaCare is already lowering quality.

Let's check in on the "Progressives" junk science religion, Global Warming. Here are the very same folks on In Search Of back in the 1970s.

You were aware that the IPCC lied in their reports, right?

Since today is my only heir's twenty-first birthday, I need to point out to the entire world, ABORTION IS WRONG. A civilized society would never need to be told that, but "Progressives" exist, so the obvious needs to be spoken every now and again. If you believe that abortion should be a government sanctioned action, you need serious psychological help, you are a monster.

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Andy said...

Them Manhattan ragheads got some nerve, don't they?

I was not angry this morning until I read that. Thanks, TD!

paul mitchell said...

That is definitively some nerve. And they'll get it, too. Hide and watch.

Andy said...

Wouldn't be surprised. Whatcha wanna bet that the administration lobbies for it as an act of goodwill, and a show of "respect" for Islam?

paul mitchell said...

I do NOT want to bet, sir. I ain't no sucker.

Boogie said...

I don't have anything intelligent to add, except that Paul Krugman is an ass.

Oh, and did you hear that Al Gore is now saying corn based ethanol is a bad idea? Ya think, Al? Ya THINK?

Dumbass...but try convincing some of the folks in my area that he's an idiot.

paul mitchell said...

Boogie, Al Gore flunked out of divinity school. Need we debate whether or not he is a fool?

Andy said...

Them Manhattan ragheads got some nerve, don't they?

I was not angry this morning until I read that. Thanks, TD!

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