Friday, December 10, 2010

Jenn Sterger Nude and Brett Favre's Penis (UPDATED!!!)

Of course by now, y'all have all seen Brett Favre's penis and come to the conclusion WHY he chose number FOUR. So, I figure I need to say something about this chick that BrittFarr sent junk photos to.

This is Jenn Sterger and Jenn Sterger has gone and got all NUDE for Playboy and just about any other publication that collects nude photos of chicks that are prone to go all slutty and stuff.

Well, Miss Jenn Sterger NUDE has released her demands of the BrittFarr. Personally, I think that her demands border on being CRIMINAL.

Chicks, lemme tell you something. If you do not want guys sending you photos of their junk, try not to flaunt your junk all over the place and give guys the idea that you are a whore.

There are no less than a quarter MILLION photos of Jenn Sterger NUDE on the web. Let's see how well we can rank, on a Friday, when traffic has been down since Tuesday. There is a Jenn Sterger NUDE slideshow below and the Jenn Sterger NUDE photos in that slideshow are HERE.

Press the arrow to see Jenn Sterger NUDE.

I think that we are all good on the "Tramps" label, here. Of course, BrittFarr is White Trash Scum, too...

UPDATE: Six hours later, I am number six on Teh Google for Jenn Sterger NUDE.

UPDATE II: Damn!!! A motherlode of Jenn photos!!!

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Moogie P said...

Eh. Think I might pass.

Skunkfeathers said...

@Moogie: that's what Britt said...

@Paul: when it comes to traffic generation, you nude what you were doing....

Moogie P said...

Eh. Think I might pass.

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