Friday, December 10, 2010

Jenn Sterger Nude SEO Stuff

My original post on Jenn Sterger went up at 2:08PM this afternoon. These are the results at 9:45PM tonight. Something tells me that I am learning this stuff pretty well. In less than eight hours, I am on the front page of the three major Search Engines.

Bing has been the problem child for me on these searches. It seems that it takes two or three days for me to get on the front page on most of these tests that I run. Not today. One little link drop did the trick for me. We are firmly on the front page at number four. This is counting Miss Sterger's own site that is not ranking as number one. Notice that number one ranked Zibio's post title is chock full of keywords, too.

Pregame dot com's post must be getting some major traffic because they have the ugly Wordpress url.

Notice pregame dot com is number one on Teh Google, Jenn's very own site is not on the front page, and Zimbio's spammy site is number four. We grabbed the number six spot. Please note the age of our post versus the rest of the ranking pages.

I wrote number three on this one, but I do not know why. These appear to be the exact same results as Bing, but Bing shows more total results.

The results are absolutely conclusive, I am awesome at ranking for nude hot chicks.

Of course, Andy is the master at ranking for helen thomas nude, even though we are on the front page, too.

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Andy said...

See, nobody knows who Jenn Sterger is...that's why it's so cool to be #2 with a nekkid Helen Thomas.

I mean, everybody used to know who she was before she croaked back in the 70's.

marc in calgary said...

I came here today totally expecting to be kicked in the nuts, but still no nekkid Helen Thomas. How is she going to put groceries on the table now that she's unemployed and apparently quite dead?
Jenn doesn't look like she's got ANY shoulder muscles, who is going to put the plates away for her after dinner? A good girl's a good find.
My ex used to say to me, "a hard man's a good find".

Andy said...

marc, ya' gotta understand...back in the days of prohibition, Helen was "the go-to gal" for a quick one, and a hookup with Joe Kennedy for some primo, under the radar scotch.

Sure, she was in her 40s at the time, and as ugly as homemade sin...but she was THERE to meet needs. Folks in DC have NEEDS ya' know!

The question you posed about Jennwhateverhernameis upper body strength really made me stop and ponder some things.


I'm gonna have to study on that one for a while, but my initial thought is...well...I don't really have an initial thought.

TD: Dude, I'm sorry for clogging up your blog here...really.

Did she really have sex with a picture of Brett's junk? Or, did she just manufactrucate this whole deal?

Heck, I saw a replay the other night of Brett trying to play football, and I'm pretty sure somebody had to wipe the drool off his chin, tie his shoe laces, shoot him up with some unbelievably illegal drug cocktail, and point him toward the field. (I mean, kinda like a modern day Colonel Parker or something.)

If he REALLY sont pitchers of his junk to this chick by a cellular telephone, then the only thing working on his body is his thumbs.

And as to this Sterger gal...she certainly gives the fine folk at FSU a bad name.

I'll bet Bobby is glad he got fared from out of's a den of satan.

Just sayin'...

marc in calgary said...

Well she's kinda pretty, but nothing I'd brag about, and I just think it's helpful if she had sufficient muscle mass as to be useful around the home, maybe she could pitch in and cook and stuff from time to time. I don't mind opening up pickle jars, but she should be able to bring me the jar. I guess I'm in love with normal women.

I can't talk about Helen Thomas more. She's poison.
There's still folks in Canada making a living by telling stories about the liquor they ran into the USA after the 18th Amendment. (liquor was banned here until 1924) This is from the town of Moose Jaw, Sask., about 3 hours north of the Montana/Canada border. Surrounded by a few million square miles of flat flat flat prairie. It's great if you're a wheat eating mouse, or a coyote eating mice for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

paul mitchell said...

Marc, that was a damned good story. My memory tells me that there was something about Moose Jaw in The Untouchables, but maybe I am mistaken.

And y'all talking about Plastic Jenn picking stuff up scares me. What if she accidentally cut one of those augmentations on her body? Then she would just be totally irrelevant.

Moogie P said...

Looks like Jet found ya.

I don't think Helen Thomas is quite dead yet. But you couldn't tell by lookin'.

paul mitchell said...

Moogie, is there anything I need to know about Jet? I mean, other than they can obviously get past Teh Google's spam filter?

Helen simply must be dead, otherwise, the redwood forests will be considered YOUNG by comparison.

Matthew said...

Search engines are great, Huh?

paul mitchell said...

Matthew, I love playing with this SEO stuff, it interests me no end.

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