Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christine Teigen NUDE - Rule 5 Post

I was doing a little music searching and ran across some John Legend. Holy crap, that is the danged most sissy sounding crap I ever heard. I just KNEW Legend was a poofter.


Here lies Christine Teigen NUDE. She is Legend's main squeeze. I am working on my homo-singing voice.

Enjoy the slideshow, it might be unsafe for church.

This post is in blind obedience to Stacy McCain's Rule 5 to get 1MM hits.

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Andy said...

Dude, maybe it's just me...but I don't find the chick attractive.

At all. Something about her smashed up face, or something...can't quite nail it...but she don't look as good as 3/4 of the girls under 30 in Gulf Shores.

(Dead) Tommy 5 said...

Paul, I think Andy can help you work on your "homo singing voice." Although I don't think you'll need much help.

paul mitchell said...

Andy, she is an Asian half-breed.

Andy said...

Yeah, I caught that. That's probably why I don't find her attractive...I hate Asians.

Tommy, dude it's good to see you're still vertical. Paul was telling everybody that you really were (Dead).

Skunkfeathers said...

Andy, he might be, and is just reaching across the astral bridge via ITC, to torment Paul.

marc in calgary said...

I think I could get used to being with someone that can correctly prepare Thai food. If she can sew a bit, likes to clean, and doesn't fuck my friends while I'm at work I'd put that in the + column as well.
It's good to grow old with someone that can actually do something.

But I'd walk if she can't trill her rrrr's though. That's not negotiable.
Good on you for enforcing rule #5.

"5'ers of the world unite" & good candy there!

Andy said...

"5'ers of the world unite" & good candy there!

I like marc a lot. But "good candy there!" ???

I guess I just don't get the half-Asian deal.

I vote: Skag.

paul mitchell said...

Marc, I understand the Thai food thing. I too like a chick to be able to deliver on something other than frozen pizza and Tater Tots.

Andy, I never got the chance to knock the Asian off my Bedroom Bingo card, so I am probably hung up on that failure.

marc in calgary said...

Andy, I always leave the door open for the eastern types, by including the non-negotiable provision that they be able to trill the r. I hate it when they talk like a female Elmer Fudd, as much as I liked Elmer Fudd the movie star.
I searched andy'sredneckrambinings for "I am blind" and came up nearly empty handed. I did find this:

Note: have I told you the story of gelatin & Robert Picton?

Almost half of the bodies that he chopped up and fed through his wood chipper were never found. Somewhere in his trial, it came up that he had included some of the parts in his shipments to the rendering plant, where they boil the animal parts down under high pressure, to make gelatin.

Red was my favorite jelly bean, what was your favorite?

The only death penalty available in Canada is for treason under military law.

Andy said...

Marc, I am NOT blind, so there's the trouble.

I am stupid, lazy, and just recently discovered that I'm going deaf. Seriously, I've lost almost all my hearing in my left ear within the last couple of weeks.

So, whether an Asian chick can trill the "r" won't matter much soon.

It's hell gettin' old.

HELL, I tell ya'!

paul mitchell said...

Marc, trilling the r is much better than most of the Asian chicks that tlirr the l.

Andy, a rapid loss of hearing is a big dealio. Get to the ear doctor STAT. Seriously, that might mean something that can be easily corrected. Take it from a dammed near deaf guy, you do NOT want your sense of smell to get really good, to compensate for the hearing loss, right around Shreveport.

Andy said...

Yeah Paul, I know. About the heightened sense of smell around SHV, and about the hearing loss, too.

And, I know you suffer from it yourself. I'm gonna get one of the ER Docs I know (a swell Joe who said he'd like to help) to take a look at me tomorrow if all the nut jobs quit pouring in to the hospital. I swear, this cold weather has brought out the nutty in droves...but he's marked off some time to take a look.

And, the gals that work at the lab are on board to run some tests if it seems like it's not something structural...

I gotta get it seen to. I swear, I have to turn my head, or look folks straight in the face to understand what they're saying. And, this all happened in the last couple of weeks.

For no particular reason.


paul mitchell said...

Do understand that you do not have to tell the Mrs. if you get it fixed. Being hard of hearing has its perks sometimes, too. But, if you could claim to be hard of hearing, when you are actually NOT hard of hearing, why that would just be the best ever.

Andy said...

I have actually thought about that, Paul. But Naw...she's too sharp, and she'll catch me.

She ALWAYS does.

Seriously, I'm getting it looked at. I've always kinda' laughed off physical junk I've dealt with, and it got better on its own.

Heck, I have not been treated for anything since I was 27 years old...and that was an injury. Before that I was in Junior High, and broke a leg...

Outside of those two things, I haven't been to a Doctor since I was a little kid.

But, this one has got me spooked. I'm gonna get it seen to.

paul mitchell said...

I am not one to doctor up, either. But dentist up? Aw, Hell yeah! Dude, I go to the dentist every fifteen minutes. Gotta keep my chompers to gnaw that beef and stuff.

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