Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who Put Dog in my Spaghetti?

Visiting, yet again, another wave of racial tension over Tennie Pierce--the black guy who couldn't take a joke. This event happened in 2005. Pierce sued the city for $7 mil over claims that he felt harassed and discriminated over a prank that two fellow firefighters pulled involving dog food in spaghetti. I would first like to point out that his initials are TP--which for the ordinary man, are the same initials I use when I want something to wipe my ass with...hmmm, coincidence? Considering this ass wipe, I think not. My personal opinion, a classic prank with a seriously mental ending.

What well-respected organization doesn't have a rite of passage with its members? The fact is, that the fire department tradition is steeped in trickery and dastardly jokes. But again, here comes a guy out to make a quick buck who ruins it for everyone out there. And this guy was obviously so humiliated that he felt he had to be given enough retribution to render him the ability of retiring. Of course, he couldn't retire in LA, because there would BE NO LA if this lawsuit had gone through. This 7 million dollars worth of embarrassment lawsuit would have completely rendered the city in debt...which would mean for the average citizen, an increase in retail taxation. Which being the average citizen, I don't want to pay taxes for some schmuck who can't take a decent days joke and wants to make a fast buck. But wait...didn't the city find pictures of TP hazing fellow firemen? Methinks so. But yet, he persists with his push for retribution. I think he was mad because someone did a better joke than he did.

And to those he affected? Well let's just say that Fire Chief William Bamattre lost his job. This is a guy who had been chief since 1996 with over 20 years of service...which means that he would have had to live through the civil rights era in his lifetime, right? He went to school in Crenshaw district, a historically black district. He attended Daniel Murphy Catholic High School, whose founder was a part of the Loyola University push to allow black Americans the chance to apply for teacher certification in 1926, which was before the time of HBCU's like Xavier University (knowledge courtesy of author Harry H. Fitcher). Bamattre hired Douglass Barry, who would later become the first black fire chief in the history of LA and who was inducted, in 2007 into the Black Firefighters museum. He also took on the team, one of the first black female lesbian firefighter. Wow, some discriminatory guy William Bamattre was; I think he made the KKK man of the year roster. Why might you ask did he step down? In the course of all politics, if things go bad publicly, the leader has to be axed to ease the minds of the public citizens...and to prevent visitations by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (which I am still trying to figure out who the hell named these guys Black Leaders).

Well, since TP and his gang o'ass-clown lawyers realized that making LA broke would be absolutely ridiculous, although their shenanigans have cost the city $15mil in the last two years over proceedings, they have decided that paying him $1.43 mil and $60K in back pay should be enough...this is where Uncle Sam comes in and takes half of everything this clown gets in the great system of sweet taxation. America still gets the last joke...