Saturday, November 24, 2007

Soldiers Fundraising for a Cause

Hello Everyone,
I've got a colleague of mine that's running a marathon for life, along with her husband. That is part of their honeymoon celebration (isn't that swweeet:). She's a fellow AF Lt and an associate of mine. In any case, she asked if we could help spread the word about her battle to save the world one mile at a time. It's a great cause, and you need to help. Please see the email and links below. It's my demand that you add one more dollar towards her goal. GO AIR FORCE!!!

Credit of their lovely engagement photos goes to Studio J. See more of his work HERE.

Click 'em to see the big ones!

Hi folks,
So here's our training and status of funds update: Ran 16 miles today. Not going to kind of hurt. Sprinting the last 100 meters may or may not have helped, I don't know. But the bright side is, add 10 and you've got yourself a marathon! At this point of the game, we find 10 miles to be a piece of cake. Sick, I know.

Anyway, we're coming along on the fundraising. The Insider Pages gig has been pretty fruitful, but we could still use some help. We're hovering there at about $362, but at least that's $362 Daniel and I won't have to pay out of pocket to meet our ultimate goal of $4,400. For our overall Team in Training fundraiser, we've been holding at $1,717 for a while.

But..there's just three days left for our fundraiser at Insider Pages (the one that doesn't cost anybody anything). So it would really, really, REALLY help if we could get more folks to log on and write a couple reviews. It's easy... In fact, I'm somewhat addicted. I raised over $100 by myself by reviewing all the places I love in M-town. So please help out HERE on Insider Pages.

Or...if you don't have the time but would still like to help out, we're still taking donations at our website, HERE.

Any amount would help, but we're shooting for Christmas (because we get charged the 29th). In fact, I'm asking the family to skip the gifts and just donate to this cause. It's important to Daniel and me, and we'd rather reach this goal than have anything else...that and surviving the marathon.


(Ed Note: Bean do NOT get any ideas from this. For our honeymoon, I want to lie in the sun while a cabana boy brings me drinks to my chaise. Real gangstas don't run fo' sh*t. And for those sending wedding presents, US currency is just fine for me, make sure it's large denominations of said currency.)
(Ed Note2: Two Dogs, we won't need to go running during my honeymoon. Hopefully, we will be doing another exercise method that works on your gluts and abs. And when we start biking in the Alteezy you and I are going to do a 45 mile bike race! I already signed us up in the bike club.)