Sunday, June 22, 2008

Child #2 at the Dog Pound

Two Dogs and I were walking in the woods one day, and we both fell. I fell first and he undoubtedly fell on top of me (go Figger) and now we have a new addition to the Two Dogs clan...Meet CornDog's brother, ChiliDog. Unfortunately, ChiliDog was born with the gay gene and he ain't too proud to show it. This past weekend Chilidog, his friend Bratwurst, my friend Ketchup and I were all hiking at the Wichita Mountains (which undoubtedly translates from Indian to English as "a bunch of rocks that fell on top of each other to make really big hills") and I noticed his gait was a bit too peppy. As a matter of fact, he was damn near swinging his pelvic bone. This was an EMERGENCY! My kid? A hip swinger? We immediately went to the vet after I tried to beat it out of him and the doctor notified me that ChiliDog was an Omega male. My translation: OMEGA MALE...AKA BITCH...AKA NONHETEROSEXUAL

I asked the vet, where the source came from...he said it was in his I know, that I come from purebred stock...which means that my only love, Two Dogs is a mutt and undoutedly carries the gay gene...which explains a lot. Dang, now I have to buy him a fairy outfit for halloween, instead of his OCC hog rider outfit....