Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bill that failed and the failures that made it

Today in the US, the House rejected a bill to give money back to the people who spent it when they probably shouldn't have. No fault of their own, right? Who is to blame? The people for not being more resourceful with their assets and being wary of housing buying? The real estate companies that saw a chance to make bank and went for the gold? Nope, none of these. Do we blame our leadership? Not the President..he is only the figurehead for the blame...Congress?...yes...hell yes...heller yes.

The 110th Congress has passed less public laws than any other congress since 1980 and the most amount of go-nowhere resolutions (1.9K)! Amazing how they accomplish so little. Yet it was our favorite Nancy "nuttybutty" Pelosi that brought speeches of (get this) "dreams of hope and change" to the American people (hmmm...sounds like a familiar push), promising a better, more productive Congress...sounds like another set of empty promises from the Democrats. It's good to know that Barry isn't alone in his plethora of empty promises. In any case, there was a big whole deal spun up around this $700 billion dollar market save! Congress again was going to come riding as the saviour of the American people.

"We sent a message to Wall Street - the party is over," she said at a press conference with Reid and other Democrat leaders from the House and Senate.

Well, I guess the party ain't over. And where was the Democrat push that proves they are taking actions to support the people and to show the people that they care?

"We delivered on our side of the bargain," Pelosi said, congratulating Democrat leaders for getting 60 percent of the caucus to support the White House bill. "We extend a hand of cooperation to the White House, to the Republicans so we can get this issue resolved."

We did our part," said Hoyer of Maryland. "As I said on the floor, this is a bipartisan responsibility and we think (Democrats) met our responsibility."

Wow...Thank G_d the Democrats are for the people and not themselves.

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Sarah M. Arnold said...

Gotta love that picture of the Gollum third in line to the White House. Good Lord...

Now hopefully Congress will keep it's act together and stop this retarded bailout bollocks.

Paul Mitchell said...

Nancy Pelosi was in beauty pagents when she was younger. Obviously that was back before she became hideously deformed and maggot gagging ugly.