Sunday, December 21, 2008

My thoughts on the Jimi Hendrix Darwinism Post

I rarely come out of the woodworks to disagree with my beloved TD. But I think he didn't follow his train of thought on his last post. Darwinism is the survival of the fittest. The ability to take from other, grow stronger than others and avoid the mistakes that made the others extinct.

Here is where I disagree:

All of the folks that TD pointed out as pilfering from Jimi, made boat loads of cash off of their remakes of his song. Jimi did all the work, died and others pilfered and made boatloads of money. In the chaos that is the survival of the fittest, the smarter creature finds a way to get more with the least amount of effort--that's the key point in the survival of the fittest...All of the people that benefited from the hard work of another are now richer thanks in part to his work and they owe him nothing..who's smarter at survival?

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