Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This has seriously got to be the most ridiculous thing on the face of this planet. I was up at 1:30 this morning and happened to have the tv turned to a commercial in the office...already, they are selling presidential coins of the 'bama. and for 19.95 (plus tax) you can wow your friends with what will later be a piece of junk commemorating the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH!

Get one before The New York Times spends all of their bailout buying all of them!

Please take the time to comment.

<--(Ed Note: This is what a Ivy League educated, typical, worthless, gummint douchesicle looks like!)

'nother Ed Note: And will everyone please be sure NOT to tell Bean about QVC selling all THIS OBAMESSIAH JUNK?


ChristinaJade said...

*spoken in my best butthead voice* "you said, douchesicle.. heh heh heh"

and here's a question...would this be considered altering the Presidential seal? hmmmm...

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, kinda but it does look better than that Dale Earnhardt one.