Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Quick Military Changes

I am flexible with being in the military and its rules and regulations, but isn't the future staff of our soon to be Commander in Chief, moving a bit way too fast?

1. First it was Biden's remark that, despite what many of our troops who voted Democrat believed as a way to get back to their families, we were staying in Afghanistan.

2. Then it was the desire for the closing of Guantanamo Bay without any thought to the logistics of the situation and the sheer fact that the countries where these personnel were found in do not want them back. Where are they gonna go? It looks like American soil, which means certain additional rights that the far lefties are going to have a field day with.

3. Now I read that it's point-blank "Yes" that they are removing the "don't ask don't tell" policy. It's all tidbits of news, but gee, can you slow down they myriad of immediate changes?

I want some change too but, I don't want it at break neck speed. Change is never fast and all of these promises that are being made should be considered before taking the change drug.

On that note, this is my last post about my gripes with the future staff. After this I am done, mum, and waiting for the next election.

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ChristinaJade said...

Biden's remark was, well, one of the first of many along those lines. let's face it, the guy seems to have the personality of a table. (like a card table, not a coffee table or a dining room table) as for closing gitmo - there's an awful lot of people down there that just want to blow our country up. that said, you can probably get an idea on how i would shut the place down. i won't even touch the don't ask don't tell. cause damn...