Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trollin the news part II

So, I'm trollin' around my favorite spot today hoping to catch a bit of the O'Reilly Factor and I found this lovely ad blinking above the news site. Now, one would think that a professional news site would care to foster professional least, one would think so. However, considering the fact that a large portion of this world is composed of morons, I surmised that the only reason they could possibly have that garbage ad on there is because morons actually troll the news sites, too (it's gotta be for the photos because the "what do you know about your candidate" polls proved that they definitely were not reading).

I am beyond positive that there are actual beings of non-intelligent life form that see a cute teddy bear with career accessories and they say to themselves "Gee, these rainbow colors and teddy bears with occupations make me want to get a degree", not realizing that in this world the crazies that made this ad are just as cockinsensical as the rest of the morons. I absolutely have faith in the high-level sub-par education abilities from the makers of this ad and I now believe that Darwin's theories of evolution must have never applied to human beings because I see people moon walking from intelligence. Sigh.

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ChristinaJade said...

looks like my little girl's build a bear collection. you can get clothes for those things, y'know.

SouperBean said...

I know, and they are freakin expensive..