Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beans Topical Rant

Normally, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I was always raised to believe innocent until proven guilty, that is until about, October of last year, when my world fell into this blackened oblivion that exists today. As a person of 24 (going on 25), I have learned that many of my friends are failing quickly in the friend department. I am sure that most of it attributes to my attempt at having some moral value that I am no longer willing to sacrifice. Since October of last year, my friend count has been on a sad decline. It is unfortunate, but it will either end in my creation of a bitter future self or end in the attainment of what, in my life, I consider most precious to me (TD).

Since I am not married, my invitation to the married couples parties is very rare. I do not consider myself single so my refusal to party the night away with the single folks is extremely high. Basically, I spend most nights at home on my couch snacking on carrots (I lost four pounds---yeaaaaa). It is a tiring roundabout of solitude...I digress....

I have lost a few guy friends out of stupidity. Maybe it's me. Maybe I say something that gives them the impression that I want to be alone with them...or maybe they are just stupid..notice where I am leaning to? So about a week ago, at a CGO event, I had a buddy of mine say:

HIM: "We should totally hang out."
Me: "Uhhh...No"
Him: You busy?"
Me: No.
Him: " Well, why not?"
Me: "Two things. One, I consider myself involved with someone and I think its foul to hang out with another man without him here. Two, perception. I don't want people assuming we are together. You and I hanging out is a bad idea. I enjoy my reputation. We are friends, but within limits."
Him: "Why would he get mad. It's not like I wanna hook up with you. You know that. You're just my bud."
Me: "Doesn't matter. I am not willing to break that rule. Some things are more important than friendship."

Parents, please teach your sons that it is never okay to hang with a girl unless he is dating her. The concept of a man and woman hanging out as friends is stupid.

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