Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moving Day

Two weeks ago, I embarked on a huge journey to life improvement. I left my two bed/two bath apartment to move onto the base. My life collection of crap is minimal, at best, and as you can see, all of it could have fit into my smallest bedroom. :(

I opted to move on the base because it offered the comfort and security of a leave it to beaver community, a kick ass backyard for my kid (really and truly its just my crazy dog) and a closer step to my friends since as of late I have been falling into a saddened state of existence :). The pictures above reflect my meager life collection. What I can say about having a little bit of belongings goes a long way in the desire to pack items. I can also say that I don't remember having as deep a hatred for moving as I do know (probably because my folks did 99% of the work when I was a kid).

It took ten people exactly 15 minutes to move my belongings and a very gracious NCO with a huge ass trailer (yes) for the charge of pizza and soda.

Flash forward to the awesomeness that is now a 1500 square foot house with a yard!!! Now I can lay out in my yard as my dog prepares to race in the Indy 500 looping mad dog circles around the fence! It now takes 2 minutes to get to work and 5 minutes to get to the heart of the town. Trash, landscaping, utilities, and water are all included and I own my own trash can!! I have a garage and a backyard shed. Did I forget to mention that everything in the house has been refurbished, i know who my neighbors are and I don't have to hear goth people try to have sex (it's a very creepy sound at night).
The only thing that's missing is the most important guy in my world...