Monday, May 04, 2009

BeansTopical Rant

It's another rendition of Beans Topical Rant:

My topic- Traveling in Style!!

This week I am in Arizona on a TDY (temporary duty assignment for the non-mil types). The flight was crusty at best, but I did get to go to a base in the middle of nowhere Texas for a brief mission. Being around the old farts who have been in longer than I have been born, I got to hear some really cool stories about some of the things that occurred at this site. Now, when i say middle of nowhere, I aint kiddin. I give southwest OK an A++ compared to that locale.

Next, it was on to the good ol Az. I give Az a B+. While it surpassed my expectations for what was actually out here, it sucks in the heat department. The weather is hot as hell and even hell must have some humidity compared to the Arizona heat. Now the cacti were a huge bonus. I have never seen flowering cacti before and I think it was absoloutely gorgeous. They are very picturesque for such an ass pain of a flower (pun intended).

Next, I ate at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville for my first days meal. I give that a grade of Jimmy B"upchuck". My jerk chicken was a jerky chicken. The meat was dry to the point that it actually removed moisture from my mouth, forcing me to hook myself to an IV full of water just to avoid dehydration from food consumption. The sweet tea was "lighlty sugared", making me doubt Arizona's hospitality, since it was clearly lacking the southern touch required to make one feel at home.

But what made my trip was the hotel that I got to stay in. I am staying off post with several other persons and I expected at a minimum a bed, a shower, and a TV. What I got was a mini penthouse suite. The kitchen, while small, has my kitchen jealous. If I could commandeer the table and fit it into my suitcase, it would become a missing item. But the best thing about this room is the LG flat screen TV that swivels from the bed area to the living room area. How hot is that?! Now I have a reason to never go to sleep!!!

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Jill said...

What do those gringoes know bout makin sweet tea? Not NUTTIN.

Staci said...

Having visited Arizona and having lived in southwest OK for many years, I gotta agree with ya. Every time I go to AZ, some weird dirt/sand storm blows in. Hate it.