Saturday, February 26, 2005

Racism, Smacism

In our local Jackson, Mississippi paper today, there are two stories of interest to our debate that shed light on race relations in Mississippi.

First article was about the naming of a federal refuge area after Mississippian Hoyt Collier. The first such area dedicated to and named for a black man. (Sorry, I just can't bring myself to utter the words African-American except for people like Teresa Heinz). For those of you that attended government mandated schools, Mr. Collier was the son of slaves that received his fifteen minutes of fame leading President Theodore Roosevelt(R) on bear hunts in our Great State. The legend goes that President Roosevelt, a big game hunter fantabulous, was having trouble bagging any game, so Mr. Collier went out, tracked a bear, knocked it cold with his rifle butt,(DAMN) and tied it to a tree for the President.

Needless to say, a real hunter would never kill the animal in that fashion, and the President declined. After the hunt, President Roosevelt called Mr. Collier, "The Greatest Hunter and Guide that he had ever known." No small feat, because Teddy had been on big game hunts in Africa and the like. Oh, and a little stint leading the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill. (Check it out, he was a bad-ass)

This story prompted the design and release of a new toy, known as the Teddy's Bear. So, from the direct consequence of Mr. Collier, and his insane hunting skills, we all got a toy that offered us many, many hours of joy. All from the son of slaves. Damn, go figure. Who da thunk it?

Same page of the paper, a story about Edgar Ray Killen that has been charged with the murders of three civil rights workers in Neshoba county. The 1964 (the year of my birth, so no, soundboyz, it weren't me) murders were national news and prompted the making of the movie, Mississippi Burning. For you government schoolers, the civil rights workers were: James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner. (Find out about it, it was a turning point in the struggle, Rubberband Man)

Anyhoo, come to find out, the Ku Klux Klan shall make an appearance, they are seeking permission to demonstrate on the Neshoba County Courthouse lawn. Oh this is bound to be fun. There will be like three white dudes wearing bed sheets walking around like morons while minimally 300 folks (all colors) shout them down. Oh, the hilarity that will ensue. Just remember, these KKK guys are NOT from Mississippi, they are from Georgia. We do NOT have a big Klan presence here. We don't take kindly to that kind of nonsense.

So, in the sake of fostering even more wonderful dialogue into the morass that is racism, let's all jump in the Rambler and roll up to Philadelphia, Mississippi and thump us some crackers. And yes, Al, there are some chicken processing facilities in the surrounding areas so you can continue your own personal struggle.



Wayne World said...

Two dogs, I always get a laugh from your posts.If you get a chance look out for Tavis Smiley's National Black Confrence on CSPAN. It was very interesting. They will probably repeat it at least one more time. Oh....and Rev. Al was there and they DID serve chicken during intermission.Chickens today......Chickens tomorrow.......Chickens Forever!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Can Al actually eat chicken now? Seems that would be like eating the "people" that you are trying to elevate.

I will do my dead level best to see Smiley's conference. And I am damn glad you are finding humor in my humor.