Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Rock and Roll Fistfight TBA

I posted an article a few days ago regarding RnRF and got a couple of responses. This concept evolved from listening to the original version of a song and then a cover. I enjoyed listening to the evolution of the songs over the course of decades and decided to make this a recurring theme.

So far, only one commenter has suggested any songs. John(not my real name) suggested "Use Me" by Widespread Panic and Bill Withers, a great song and two great versions, and "People Who Died" by the Truckers and Jim Carroll, another great song. These beg the question, "Who in their right mind would choose to call themselves something like "John"? I mean, when you are searching for an alias, do human waste receptacles always immediately come to mind? Why not various parts of the alimentary canal? Why not different stages of the digestive procedure?

Anyhoo, I have decided to postpone the second round of RnRF until someone else shows a little bit of interest. Until that time, I will continue to scour the music archives for some other candidates for this little experiment. Oh, and until that time I propose that John(not my real name) reconsider his alias. I'm thinking that 'bidet' would be an exellent choice.

Just a little note: I ran across another blog this past week that I have started reading. Here's a SAMPLE.




Paul Mitchell said...

Well, that is what they say. But, I don't take it personally.


Two Dogs said...

Well, that is what they say. But, I don't take it personally.


C. said...

you're Mean, Mean ol meany!