Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Typical Friday Night for the Meanies

As usual, the workweek ended with the first string headed out to make an impact on nightlife in our Capitol City. Judging by normal standards, it was a pretty uneventful evening aside from the ass-handing episode at Last Call. Two Dogs repeatedly received a thorough trouncing at the billiards table by some dude (think Vincent off The Color of Money) that obviously had appeared just to make everyone look like ass-clowns.

Even Walt got beat-up. He took it better than I did.

From there our soiree took a very odd turn. Seems the most beautiful woman in the world was performing at a local night club and Walt and I simply had to attend.

(Click Images below at your own risk, they were linked from MadKats)

Long story short, turns out that the club was not a typical fare spot. Seems that Mr. Walt and I were just about the only ones there that didn't bat from the left-side of the plate and to make matters even more interesting, I was the only person in the whole place that was not able to get my NAACP membership card.

Needless to say, my lack of pigmentation offered me very little chance to hide from the Emcee who proceeded to train the spotlight on me and ask me questions. It was all cool though and the highlight of the adventure came from Walt's retelling of the excursion into the restroom. Turns out, that Walt is "One, mean, straight guy." Damn, I wish I a recording of Walt (obviously drunk) telling the story to me (obviously drunk). The funniest thing you ever heard. I think that I am going to get him to tell the story when we get our drink on again.

This said, service was really good, all the bartenders were men (I'm a man, get it?), the show was really bizarre, and Beyonce was too damn hot. I just gotta have babies with this girl.



Paul Mitchell said...

No, she is most definitely a chick. You know her.