Friday, March 11, 2005


(As said by the Soup Nazi) I have a record setting day on Wednesday for comments to this humble little blog and today no comments? I know, I know, comments were not working for the better part of today, but dammit, I bled over these posts. Gimme some feedback, I need it. (NO HOMO) Read the last three posts, and please spew some words. I'm outta town this morning, but I shall return in the pm. Please let me know what you think about the major league reading assignment that I did try to tackle. Oh, and soundboyz has some really off the wall comments about our religion debate HERE.

UPDATE: Okay, the comment son Blogger have obviously thrown a gasket, some Blogger friends are complaining about it in e-mails to me. Hopefully, y'all will keep coming back even though you can't post rebuttals. And no one just wants for me to have free reign.



Wayne World said...

Finally , I can leave a comment.Hey Two Dogs, I think you should check out the comment section back at Trinity Church. I'm talking about the post reviewing the New Star Wars Movie.