Saturday, March 19, 2005

Skull and Bones Society, Bush, and Eugenics

Having read the links provided by soundboyz regarding Prescott Bush and the Nazi war machine, I found it necessary to post on this topic. Pretty interesting reading too for those of you who want to know everything RIGHT NOW!

There are a few points that I want to bring up about researching stuff on the net. You can pretty much find any number of sources to support any thesis on any topic that you are developing. Just so you know, these are the articles that were provided to me to read and I did some research of my own to develop further understanding about the Bushes and killing Jews. I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

Remember, the Two Dogs way of making your point is to offer FACTS for your opinions. True, sometimes something just feels right and you want to believe it, but without the FACTS, you just sound like an idiot.

The Links from soundboyz:
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The Little Engine that Could
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The common recurring theme in all of these articles is the same: George Bush's family provided money for or took money from the Third Reich so therefore the Bush family becomes the Fourth Reich. While that opinion might sound good to some, IT IS STUPID. Make your salient point with FACTS not rhetoric. Anyway......

From my research and links provided by soundboyz, it becomes painfully aware that our President's family was associated with and did business with the people who started Planned Parenthood. Not quite Nazi Germany but it is relevant. See, Margaret Sanger and other Northeast Liberals (the Bush family included) of the day were trying to accomplish a perfect race of people, not unlike Germany from the thirties to the late forties. Prescott Bush was on the board at an investment banking firm called Brown Brothers Harriman. It seems that through various means they were involved in financing Hitler's rise to power.

Granted Bush did hold one (1) share of the group that was financing Hitler, but more stunning is the FACT that the main player here was William Averall Harriman, the managing partner. However as time goes on, the Harriman family, Pamela in particular, continued their attempts at organizing this master race. And you know who they threw their hat in with? George W. Bush? No, it seems that the most recent affiliations of these racist warlords was with none other than BILL CLINTON. This same organization that financed Hitler's rise to power are still Left-wingers. It seems that the Harriman family has been and still is one of the largest contributors to the Democrat Party for the last fifty years. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Ironically, this information was provided through one of the links that soundboyz contributed. And the only truly damning evidence that I could corroborate was that the Bush family has been involved in the super-secret Skull and Bones crap at Yale. You really should check these dudes out. They are an organization that was started by the financial industry at Yale. Yes, Yale, another bastion of Liberalism.

Skull and Bones has never held conservative ideology. It is a Leftist organization that believes the crap spewed forth by some of the most sophomoric folks ever known to man. The very few men that actually pledge (15 a year) for the most part become the backbone of the Left. John F. Kerry in particular. Oh, what? You didn't know that Kerry's family backed the Nazi war machine? He is a Forbes, people. He grew up in France for crying out loud.

Anyway, abortion is still wrong. Racism is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. Murder is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Do I need to continue?



Wayne World said...

>And the only truly damning evidence that I could corroborate was that the Bush family has been involved in the super-secret Skull and Bones crap at Yale.

If that's all that you came up with, then it's obvious you either did NOT read these articles OR you are minimizing everything. Those articles clearly made the case that the Bush family was heavily involved in funding the Nazi War machine! The Bushes are involved in eugenics! It does not make sense to go back and fourth with someone that only chooses to acknowledge things that suits their agenda.....thats called PROPAGANDA!!

Paul Mitchell said...

soundboyz, I had to find corroborating evidence for the things from two seperate sources before I could deem them fit to believe. The stuff that I could find about the Bushes simply stated the things that I mentioned above. He worked for the firm that financed Hitler's rise to power, but he was a bit player and they were affiliated with Sanger and her stupidity. I have no doubt that there is racism in the past of these people because they are an older, NE liberal family.

But to say that because of the Bushes and the Walkers we got Hitler is irresponsible. And to further drive home the point, I included the Left's poster boy, sKerry, in the same circles and your argument is more fitting for his family than the Bush family.

Paul Mitchell said...

soundboyz, I admitted the connection. I just don't think that it is as relevent as you seem to think. Clearly George W. Bush doesn't agree with Nazi Germany's ideas for the rest of the world. He has spent the last four years working against those principals. His policies have awarded freedom in Afghanistan and to the people of Iraq, and now democracy seems to be snowballing in the Middle East. Man, even the New York Times is admitting that his policies were correct.

Maybe I didn't approach this in the correct way. I am sure that I can find any number of sources that place Prescott Bush in Poland and directing the Nazi army. Maybe he even pulled the levers or whatever that gassed every one of the people in the concentration camps, but I see no evidence that George W. is the same way.

I even brought out the point of the connection with Sanger and Planned Parenthood, which I see to be even more damning than the association with Hitler. I think that we all admit that Hitler was one bad dude, but some of us fail to see the direct connection with Fascism and the abortion rights folks.

soundboyz, I am NOT diminishing your argument at all about what you believe, I am just saying that comparisions of Hitler/Bush are the talking points of Senator Robert KKK Byrd and if you want to bash the shit out of him, I agree wholeheartedly. And yes, he is a current Democrat Senator that Barbara Boxer said was the love of her life.

Oh, and I do blame Democrats for the state of our poor people in this country. Clearly the leftist ideas of what is good for the lower income people has not worked at all. I think that most of these posts have developed from my theories that if we would get government out of our lives, you would see the same wealth began to crop up in the poorer communities just like we saw in the 1950's.

Furthermore, you have not admitted that from those articles you submitted the really damning things about the connection was the Harriman family.

Here's my opinion: you can say what you want to about the Republicans or Democrats, but the fact remains, we are all the same in G_d's eyes. I just believe that the almighty Federal government gets in the way of progress on race relations, wealth accumulation, and education.

Erik Grow said...

Homosexuality is wrong because you believe that God believes it is wrong. You are pretending that your interpretation is the correct one. Many Christians disagree with you. Would you make it illegal based on what some believe?

The whole thing about which family financed what is utterly inconsequential. Those people are mostly long since dead.

If you're going to condemn Byrd for being former KKK, you have to condemn W for being a former drunk driver and drug user. I think both events are fairly pointless in their lives right now. Can people only change if they are Republicans?

By the way, I have my own blog now. Hopefully it will show up in this post. If not, it's at

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, that was my point about the financing thing. It gets stupid when we consistently compare our elected officials to Hitler. Why not Ghengis Kahn? Oh, wait Kerry did that already.

On the homosexuality thing, I was actually making your point for you. I don't think that it is a Rep vs. Dem thing. Do what you want to as long as you are in your own bedroom.

And no, people can change if they are Democrats as well, but when Byrd uses the terminology twice, twice mind you, "white nigger" in 2001, I'm thinking that he hasn't changed.

Oh, and it was funny when Chris Rock said it, I'm thinking that when a former Klansman says the word, it ain't so funny.

Thanks for stopping by Erik, keep coming back. And you shall be blogrolled.

Paul Mitchell said...

Huh? I think that they just had a free election in Iraq. And why take my word for it. Iraqi people are even more sure of their impending success than we are. Even the New York Times is admitting they were wrong. Damn, the Times. WTF?

Wayne World said...

You know Imara, I wrote this exact same thing in response to this thread , and it didn't post for some reason. I made the same point about how President Bush said that Iraq would have to "keep voting until they get it right".This is obviously not freedom, if a people do NOT have the right to self determination! Iraq is now a pawn of America and the new government is going to be nothing more than American puppets. We have tried this same foolishness for years all over the world , and it DOES NOT work!!Freedom my ASS!!Freedom for American big business to set up shop and control Iraq by controlling their water supply, their power supply , and their military!Oh , I forgot about the most important thing........the OIL!!!!The whole reason we went there in the first place!!!!