Saturday, March 26, 2005

Some of the Dumbest Parents in the World

Most of you already know my opinions on killing Terri Schiavo. (That's wasn't much of a clue, was it?) This post is not really about her, but more about the parents that take their children to protest and allow them, HELL FORCE THEM, to do something incredibly stupid.

I am one of those folks that thinks there is plenty of room for opinions on both sides of any issue and this situation is no different. My problem is with parents that take their young children to pro-abortion rallies, drag them to picket in front of abortion clinics, parade them in front of anti-war placards, etal.

I was reading the news this morning and saw a report that a ten year old boy and thirteen year old twin girls were arrested, dammit ARRESTED!, trying to take Terri water. While I think that this would be a very humane act, it is absolutely the dumbest thing a parent could let their child do. These are children, you dumbasses! Let them go play in the sandbox and leave them out of your political demonstrations. Do you honestly think that these kids have a developed opinion or theory regarding your protests? Do you honestly believe that you have the intelligence to be a parent if you allow your child to do something that gets them arrested?

Okay Gomer, here it is in a nutshell. If you want to go protest or demonstrate, by all means go to it. If you take your child to this protest and USE them to create some kind of empathy with your cause, you should have your head examined and maybe your kids taken from you to be given to someone that doesn't have their head up their ass.

Two Dogs chastises you, moron.



Paul Mitchell said...

While I certainly enjoy your unbiased opinion on this, Costello, you also fail to notice that I do call out the PRO-LIFE crowd. This whole post was aimed at the protesters in Florida mainly.

Okay, now to spew my own completely unbiased opinion...The animal rights activists and the tree huggers are by far the most violent of all the demonstrators. While I do agree that for Eric Rudolph to actually shoot one abortionist is criminal albeit very isolated, ELF (Earth Liberation Front for you that just aimlessly listen to the MSM stiil) has perpetrated far more crime and killed far more people than the violent right-to-lifers.

And I have checked the numbers on abortion clinic bombings and shootings. Damn confusing statistics ranging from three total bombings to over 3400. I can't make heads or tails on the numbers in the time that I have today.

Oh, and I choose to call them Pro-lifers and anti-terrorism folks, cause they are the good guys for the most part.

Wayne World said...

>Oh, and I choose to call them Pro-lifers and anti-terrorism folks, cause they are the good guys for the most part.

That's your opinion!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Yes, it is my opinion and as I have proven before, I am a frigging genius.

Wayne World said...

> Yes, it is my opinion and as I have proven before, I am a frigging genius.

You have the frigging part right.......

Paul Mitchell said...

Hey another installment of the nyah, nyah, nyah, I'm not listening style of debating. Good work, soundboyz. Do you mean to say that the Tickle IQ test is an inaccurate judge of intelligence?

Wayne World said...

>Do you mean to say that the Tickle IQ test is an inaccurate judge of intelligence?

NO...Let's just sat're an inaccurate judge of intelligence.If you think that Bush is a genius, what is that saying about your intelligence level?

Paul Mitchell said...

Actually I said that compared to the two 'tards that he ran against, he was Marilyn von Savant. Then again, a dirty diaper looks like a nuclear physicist next to John Kerry and Al Gore.

Wayne World said...

Two Dogs, you know Bush is as 'tard as they come......"Fool me once.......duh.....shame on you......dah....shame on........Uhhhh.....duhhhhh......Real bright. I wonder if he CAN read. Something is telling me deep down inside that maybe he cannot read, and he's been going through his whole life as a functioning illiterate!!

Erik Grow said...

Two Dogs, if you are listening to conservative commentators, you will always think that every Democratic candidate is dangerous, stupid, and generally "bad". Of course if you are looking for someone very conservative, no Dem will be acceptable to you anyway. I invite you to read my latest post. It was made partly with you in mind.

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, I generally form my own opinions, free from any type of rhetoric. I don't find myself listening to talk radio. I do however enjoy reading the more intelligent commentary on the web and in the newspaper. Some of the more moderate folks that I read include Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, and Michele Malkin. I tend to stay away from any extremist points of view.

As far as looking for conservative Democrats, you are right, they generally don't exist. However, we have a moderate Democrat named Gene Taylor from South Mississippi that does usually share my views.

I tend to think that some of the typical Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer are so far left that they couldn't find the pulse of the United States if it bit them on the ass.

Erik, face it, the Democrats are usually far left and completely out of the mainstream. This is proven by the numbers. Y'all have not had a winning National election in eleven years. For the most part, Democrats have continued to lose state seats and governorships by the boatload. To actually believe that this country is mostly moderate is naive at best.

Anonymous said...

WHAT IS A DEMOCRAT? is that one of those mule looking things you always see on the news?