Saturday, April 23, 2005

I am Two Dogs and I am a Catholic.

Yea, it sounds like the intro to my spiel in a twelve step meeting, but it seems lately that there are all kinds of folks opening their pie-holes about our newest pope. I guess that I am no different now.

Point One (I): He is a Catholic. That's a good thing because it seems that there some people that wanted the new pope to have issues with Catholic doctrine. Hey, too bad. Go find another religion to turn into a feel-good cesspool of ambiguous thoughts and ever-changing beliefs on what is right, just, and good. Morons.

Point Two (II): Whoops, he's white. It seems that there were a bunch of folks that wanted the Catholic church to turn into some kind of diversity clinic. Hey, let's make that Black guy pope 'cause he's Black. Hey, too bad. The Catholic church has been doing this pope thing for a long time now, I am pretty sure that they have figured out what works as a rule, and they probably ain't gonna change now. Those Cardinals, they have no idea how to pick a pope. Morons.

Point Three (III): He's old. Yea, I know that we will probably have to pick another pope in the future, but how is that any different than what we have been doing for a few years now? Hey, I got it! Why not just pick a baby pope? Then we can train him to be against everything that the Catholic church stands for. Morons.

Point Four (IV): He is stoic and inflexible. I know, I know, he's old, white, and Catholic. He has a constitution that doesn't allow him to let his beliefs to "evolve". That damn pope-guy. He should realize that our environmental fights, homosexual marriage, priest marriage, women priests, and birth control are good things. Why won't he lighten up? Morons.

Point Five (V): He is not going to "grow" the church membership because of his "positions". You know, I kinda agree with this 'diss', wait, no I don't. The people that are spewing this load of crap ain't going to church anyway. The Catholic church has been around for alot longer than NOW, Greenpeace, the Log Cabin Republicans, 'Kill All the Fetuses', and the 'Sphere. I'm guessing that it might be around alot longer still than these other groups. Morons.

Conclusion: You can try to change things with rational discourse and logical argument, IF there are problems. You cannot change things by attacking an entity that has been around forever and has been continually successful in its endeavors to help people by maintaining a solid, rigid, and constant path with some type of drivel about society changing. Our society IS changing and my argument is that it is not for the better. People that have sacrificed their morals on the altar of diversity are undermining the stability of our planet. Just remember what Ayn wrote, "If you encounter contradictions in your analysis, then your premises were wrong, moron." Yea, they edited 'moron' out. It seems that it might have made someone cry.

UPDATE I: Sadie at Fistfull of Fortnights has THIS to report: Susan Estrich petitions the Vatican to do away with that ruffian Benedict XVI and appoint a female pope instead.

UPDATE II: Corie at Insane Troll Logic has THIS and THIS to add. Them damn Catholics....

UPDATE III: More Q&A is HERE, thanks to The Anchoress.

UPDATE IV: For some reason, I found THIS humorous. (Hat-Tip: TOM)

UPDATE V: The final update. PAM led me to THIS and I still can't quit laughing. In case you were wondering, HERE is Oolong. And while you are there, check out ENGRISH.



Tom said...

Pope Galesius was black, and there were two other black popes IIRC.

The Roman Emperor Valerian I was captured, used as a footstool, and stuffed by Persian Emperor Shapur I in 209.

(I put that second in just for the hell of it)

Paul Mitchell said...

Damn, I think that it would be pretty demeaning to be a footstool. Is the footstool emperor still around? I bet that would bring a pretty good price on e-bay.

Tom said...

He must be. If you had a stuffed Roman emperor, you wouldn't just throw him out. You'd keep him in an attic somewhere.

someguy said...

Thanks for the link, Two Dogs. Like I said in my post the last Pope who was "too old to last" reigned for 25 years and died at 93 back in the days before feeding tubes. :)