Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mean Ol' Meany Saturday Git Around

Having actually wasted an entire week working, I find this Saturday morning to be very laid-back and relaxing. I have a few things to take care of today, an old friend is in town that I might be fortunate enough to meet for a beer, I must take a trip to the cemetery, and I have a house to polish off before a meeting in the morning. What, you don't work on Sunday?

Anyhoo, I thought that I would put in a shameless plug for the people that entertain me on a daily basis and provide LINKS, yes links, to these folks. Okay, I know that this will be a cheap post, but read these damn blogs. These folks do good work whether you like their opinions or not. Show the love, player.

soundboyz and Imara, a hate-filled love fest with free money!
Nzyme, all dolphins, all the time and a 'possum too!
Erik, the moderate
Oddybobo, what the Hell is in Pennsylvania?
basil, THE Catfish Fan
Tom, NOT a hermaphroditic man-dolphin
Travis, Mr. President 2020
Pam Meister, intelligence in Jeffords land
Rightwingsparkle, hometown girl makes it big
Spotted-Horse, wears the diamonds to feel pretty
Rory, the kimchi kid

Oh no, these are not all the people that are strictly here for my amusement, but they are special.

UPDATE: Just in case you are the last person in the world to view the funniest thing that you could ever see, HERE is guaranteed fun.

UPDATE AGAIN: I just realized that I now have 100 g-mail invitations. Those damn things are like Church's chicken, the more you chew, the bigger it gets. Send me an e-mail if you want one. Put "You are the greatest thing since a pocket on a t-shirt" in the subject line and I'll show you the love.


Tom said...

I left an appropriately snarky comment over at Soundboyz digs about his love of backbreaking poverty, which is logically synonymous with a barter economy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promo.

Paul Mitchell said...

You are certainly welcome.

Wayne World said...

Tom , you sniveling , shark carcass smelling, paramecium guzzling ,tarantula loving demophobe.

Wayne World said...

I appreciate the traffic Two Dogs. But you seem to be sending wacked out head cases to our site!!!We feel nervous when your "crowd" starts showing up. They seem to be a bunch of delusional nut jobs!!!

The Bobo Knitter said...

Delusional nut jobs? So that's whats in PA!

Erik Grow said...

Hey thanks, Captain Two Dogs! I do what I can.

Travis Benning said...

Thanks for the promo.

Two Dogs said...

You are certainly welcome.