Monday, May 16, 2005

Bad News for the Day

I guess that I am the only one in the world that has not said something about the Newsweek article, so here's my take on this.....

Newsweek DID NOT riot, rape, murder, and desecrate everything in site. All they did was continue to provide the fine coverage of the news that we have come to expect from our Leftist media. If you notice, every time the media publishes a story that is leaning toward positive, nothing happens; but if you print that someone once took the Leftist's Holy Book into the barn, all mortal Hell breaks loose.

The only people that take Newsweek seriously are the same ones that buy the other supermarket tabloids. It's just another Star, if you are too stupid to understand that, maybe you should riot every time the Star publishes pictures of Brooke Shields alien space leopard baby.

Oh, and Newsweek should have to pay for all the damage cause by rioting? I'll say this, "I just placed my Bible under another book." Don't fret, people, I'm gonna pay for the cost of rioting.

Get real. Who's fault is this????????

UPDATE: Oh, oh, it's Karl Rove's Fault.

UPDATE SQUARED: NEWS fit for soundboyz.

UPDATE CUBED: As usual, Corie has some cogent points HERE.



Erik Grow said...

Yes, I also loved the part where someone demanded that we send whatever soldier did that to a Muslim country to be prosecuted. Yeah, I see THAT happening!

Erik Grow said...

Oh, and to be clear, yeah I know that the story appears to be false anyway. Not that they really need much of an excuse to riot.

Wayne World said...

The story wasn't false!!!!!!!!They are just saying that NOW as a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY!!!!

Just like the DAN RATHER story wasn't false!!!!!!The documents might not have been "authentic" , but what about the substance of the story? The charges that the story levied ?

We are living in a day and age where information is being CENSORED , and the govt. is using scare tactics and propaganda to justify it!!!!!!

This is not the first time , or the first person to state such claims!!!!!I saw a Frontline episode, where a muslim man was captured in Afghanistan, then intimidated into working for the CIA as an informant in Guantanimo!!!!He made these exact claims as well as others, where similar tactics are being used to torture and degrade detainees at Gitmo!!!!

I am not going to get into any all day fucking argument about this because it doesn't matter what the truth is anymore !!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

soundboyz, quit it. Everyone knows that the CBS story was fabricated by a dude that was pissed off at the military.

The age in which we are living is one where the mainstream press is trying to scoop the others without checking their stories.


Imara said...

Soundboyz, you're absolutely right, this story is NOT false!

Allegations such as these started to surface some three years ago. It's not until several hunger strikes, an attempted suicide pact by 23 detainees, and multiple complaints, didn't produce results that the riots broke out. The rioting spread from Afghanistan throughout much of the Muslim world, to Indonesia, sparking several deaths and injuries! It was then the US media realized that they could no longer ignore reporting on these incidents.

The information to support the Newsweek story came from a Senior US Government Offical and several FBI emails. Before the article was published, the National Security Corrrespondant for Newsweek provided a copy to a Senior Defense Official, who only challenged ONE part in the article- that Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, who had been sent to oversee the detainee interogations, would be held responsible for the abuse. This part of the article was changed to reflect
the "information" provided by the Senior Defense Offical. After the article was published the Pentagon Spokesperson contacted Newsweek to claim that the information in the article was WRONG. The author of the article then contacted his source, who wouldn't (couldn't) stand by his original statements. I wonder why?? A little pressure from the "Hitmen" in the Whitehouse, maybe??

Newsweek is NOT the first news outlet to report such abuses. There have been several hundreds of allegations, one of which includes a female interrogator pretending to wipe her mentrual blood on one of the prisoners.

Two Dogs, you're right, it's not Newsweek's fault that the riots took place. It's Bush's fault! His Middle East policies are racist and insensitive. He claims this is not a "Holy War", yet he has called it a "Crusade" on many occasions. Some say "to-may-to", some say "to-ma-to"!

Wayne World said...

Imara, I must have been commenting while you were writing that last comment. I thank you for that comment because when you're dealing with a bunch of BULLSHITTERS, you can easily give up!!!!I guess that's what they want!!!!!This is why I don't really comment here anymore, I can only take so much BULLSHIT!!!!!!I wonder if Two Dogs is another Jeff Gannon being paid by the administration to run a BULLSHIT blog , with BULLSHIT information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Paul Mitchell said...

I really don't remember Bush rioting. Imara, this is the same argument that poverty causes crime to flourish. As long as we fail to place blame at the doorstep of the murderers, we will continue to have the riots and the like.

Furthermore, when a story is completely discredited, it is disingenuous to continue to say the story is true, but the source is false. It seems that there would be some evidence that the incident took place if it was true.

Bush DID complete his military service with additional points for every year he was in the service. And he also signed form 180 releasing his records, something that Kerry still to this day refuses to do. Find another conspiracy to latch on to. This one is dead in the water.

Imara said...

>It seems that there would be some evidence that the incident took place if it was true.

There is plenty of evidence to support these claims, so much so that there is a lawsuit in the works right now being filed on behalf of 13 detainees from Guantanamo.

>I really don't remember Bush rioting. Imara, this is the same argument that poverty causes crime to flourish.

Maybe you missed my point... Muslims are rioting because of the RACIST and INSENSITIVE policies of the Bush administration. Oh, and poverty DOES cause crime to flourish. Check the statistics. When unemployment is up, so is crime rates.

Wayne World said...

Imara, don't get caught up with this, it's pointless!!!!!!You're just going to agree to disagree...but 100 comments later!!!!!This dude's a propagandist!!!!!!Let's get out of here!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

The only "Holy" book that Leftists agree is holy is the Quran.

Imara, my statement was far from bigoted, we can all agree that the Muslims in the Middle East riot and fight each other with impunity. I don't see how stating fact is bigoted.

This situation is thousands of years old, I just fail to see how Bush is to blame.

Tom said...

I am convinced that Soundboyz is Karl Rove.

Paul Mitchell said...

You know, now that I think about it, I do believe that Tom is correct.

Wayne World said...

> I am convinced that Soundboyz is Karl Rove. got me Tom. I knew eventually someone with some intelligence would figure it out!!!

I guess I have to tell everything now!!!Two Dogs is really Jeff Gannon!!!!Yep, I personally hired him because he looked so good in the West Wing sprawled out in just a tank top and construction boots!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Hey soundboyz, you can stop at any point here.

Not that I don't look good in anything that I decide to wear, but I have never, ever chosen that ensemble.

Imara said...

Okay, if Soundboyz is Carl Rove, I'm Condi! Yup, knee-high hooker boots an all! Good Lord.

Two Dogs, I still think your comment was bigoted. People riot all over the world, including America. Think back to the Civil Rights Movement.

Speaking of Carl Rove, I wouldn't put it past him, for a hot New York minute, that he would have this Qur'an story planted to propagate the mistrust of the American media. Is it a coincidence that this story broke right after the Downing Street Memo was published? Carl Rove has been doing this type of stuff since he was a snotty-nosed Republican stomping around his college campus. He's the same one who bugged his own office, then called the local media and blamed it on his opponent. He's such a disgrace. Not to mention, Soundboyz is probably right, he's most likely the one who got Gannon the unprecedented White House access. (YES HOMO!)

Wayne World said...

Bravo Imara!!!!!

Wayne World said...

Oh, Jeff......would you be available to accompany me to a Nationals game this weekend? I would like that very much.If you are available, then the arrangements will be the same as before!Please reply by Fri.Thank you.

P.S. Please wear that camouflage sarong and heels that I like so much!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, yes people riot in the United States: Watt's riots, LA riots, Cleveland, et al. Only these are isolated incidents and they usually have some kind of circumstance that leads up to it. However, in the Middle East there are people that run into pizza parlors and onto buses killing innocent women and children. They are called terrorists. I really don't think that our rioting can compare with what they do on a daily basis in the Middle East.

If you think that is bigoted, I guess that my definition and yours are not the same of bigotry.

Have you heard the term, "Moonbat"?

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, soundboyz that sets a new precedent for homo.

Imara said...

Two Dogs, do you really believe that the Muslim people just riot to riot?? All riots have major events that precede them. By making that comment, you're implying that they are savages! Two Dogs, are you Lawrence Of Arabia??

Imara said...

>Bravo Imara!!!!!

THANKS Soundboyz!! I really need your support here!

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, I can see how the thought of your Holy Book being in a latrine would lead you to killing and rioting and the like. I am not implying anything, I am directly stating that rioting over that kind of bullshit, that was proven to be false, is not only savage, but idiotic.

Imara, I am not making a blanket statement about Islam, I know very little about it, I'm saying that it would be nice if one person in the Islamic community would come out and condemn the Islamic murderers, rather than trying to blame Bush for their actions. I really don't think that is too much to ask.

And I base my opinions on the things that I see and read about the Muslims actions. Granted the readership here is probably less than Newsweek right now, but I still haven't seen one Christian murder, rape, riot, or steal over my admitted desecration of the Bible. Yes, I admitted to doing it. It is true. I actually put another book on top of the Bible.

Imara said...

Two Dogs, the rioting story was not false. As I stated earlier, the source was a US government official. Before the story went to press, it was cleared by a Pentagon official. The story was written by the same reporter that broke the "Clinton/Monica" story. Based on his record, he is not "Liberal" bias. There is something else working here...

Another thing that makes this story suspicious... who the heck in Afganistan is reading Newsweek?? Yeah, right... I know, someone was flipping through it while in the waiting room of their doctor's office.

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, I never said the rioting was false, Newsweek published a false story that American GI's had placed the Leftist's Holy Book in the latrine, which led to the rioting.

Even though the story was completely fabricated, Muslims rioted. Of course, they didn't know the story was bullshit.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, and Drudge broke the Clinton perjury story.

Wayne World said...

OK, I said I wasn't going to get caught up in this bullshit of Two Dogs madness, but Two Dogs, the statements that you made in regards to Muslims shows that you are ignorant, and biased towards them.

They commit acts of "terror" because they don't view it as terror, they view it as justified acts of retaliation. One persons so called "terrorist" is another person's "freedom fighter"!!!!!I'm sure the British viewed Washington as a "terrorist"!!!Muslims react in defense of their religion and their fellow muslims!!!!!I know you can't understand that because you support Bush to a fault , but if you were Muslim, perhaps your views would be different!!!Remember, there are two sides to every story, you just choose to identify with your side, naturally!!!!

Another thing, you seem to be intolerant of muslims devoutness and seroiusness towards their religion!!!!Just because they take their religion very seriously and they "live" their religion, does not mean that they are wrong!!!!Just because you can turn your religion on and off when it comes to your lifestyle, does not mean that they should as well!!!!If they follow their religion to the letter, does not mean that they are barbaric and need to lighten up, it means that they take their faith seriously enough to obey it to the fullest!!!I think Westerners find this odd because we can sin from Monday to Saturday , and half day Sunday, and not care about it!!!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

soundboyz, if there is a religion that thinks that it is alright to fly jumbo jets into buildings, strap explosives to children and send them into the streets, or roll up into a Pizza Hut and kill the innocent patrons of that establishment, then I hope that the sane humans that vastly outnumber these morons will eradicate that religion from the planet.

As far as I am concerned and the vast majority of every single human being on the planet is concerned, these are not acts of religiosity, they are the murderous acts of insane religious zealots that do not value human life.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the people that have the audacity to defend those types of heinous and barbaric acts are no better than the evil slime that they defend. G_d willing, these people will be judged in the harshest sense of morality and will be doomed to rot in the bowels of prisons over the globe.

There is no explanation that you could give me for that type of "freedom fighting". I do hope that you were kidding.