Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mean Ol' Meany's Cavalcade of Recipes

More cooking posts, because it's the right thing to do.

Rory of What Not to Do in Asia makes some nasty stuff as usual.

Tom of Hamstermotor offers the Americanized version.

And the original insane cooking dude, Steve of the Sneeze presents Begging Strips!

UPDATE: It seems that I have upset some redneck by not posting the typical WTW. It will be up tonight. Again, I am sorry.

UPDATE: I just realized that my post, Lesson on Liberal Grandiosity was linked by the Carnival of Capitalists. That's cool.



C. said...

Damn right im is up set! i wanted to see some good stuff about southern heritage and hatred.....i mean good stuff. and damnit cleet....give me back my dawlg goned trolin motor...and it better not have paint all over it this time!!!!

Erik Grow said...

Yeah where IS the WTW? That hospital picture was classic!

I like that what not to do in Asia site. Very funny!

Pam said...

That ramen recipe is some nasty sh*t. Kimchee (one of the grossest things on earth), eggs, tuna, ramen soup...gag! I'm surprised this guy is still alive and kicking...

Paul Mitchell said...

Surprisingly enough, I am not a big fan of Oriental, wait, can't say Oriental, that's not pc. I am not a big fan of food from Asia. I would much rather belly up to seafood or soul food.

Read all of the recipes, Rory is hilarious.