Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mean Ol' Meany's Saturday Pile-On

Today has been a beautiful day here in G_d's country, so I though that I would let y'all in on what I'm doing.

This Saturday has provided an outdoor foray into the wonderful world of ditch-crickets, with some deer sausage thrown in for good measure. Kudos to JD for a wonderful get-together and to BL for providing the culinary expertise. Thanks to Joe for providing the funniest thing of the entire day; reasoning with a dog that found the water from the mud-bugs very cooling. Man, thank goodness that was not my dog, he was STANKING. Oh, and there was beer, too.

Since I had such a good morning, I decided to rant and rave about the political landscape that is our wonderful country.

Here we go:

Problem: John Bolton; what does Bush think he's doing trying to nominate a dude with a mustache like that? And from what I hear, he once got mad. When will Republicans ever learn that in order for us to begin to shape world politics in our own image, we must capitulate to every third world country that has an opinion on Israel?

Solution: Nominate Phil Donahue. Or better yet, Jimmy Carter. Why we could correct all the problems with our ENEMIES in this world if we would just fold-up like a lawn chair to North Korea. Bolton is bound to make them mad at us. Stupid mustache, too.

Problem: Tom Delay; what were Texans thinking when they elected this guy? I mean, it is blatantly obvious that this guy is the Antichrist. Am I the only one that sees this?

Solution: Texans should demand that Delay immediately resign and replace him with that stalwart of integrity, Ann Richards. Everyone in Texas knows that Bush stole the governor's election from her and she should be President now.

Correction: My bad, on the Bolton thing I meant to say, "Who cares what anyone else thinks, Bush is the President and can nominate whoever he thinks will do a good job."

And on the Delay thing, if Delay is going to raked over the coals about a trip to the North Mariana Islands, paid for by Jack Abramoff, why not bring up the TWO Democrats that went as well? I dunno, just sounds real fishy.

Stupid Liberals.



Wayne World said...

>He's been knocking around the country for the last 4 plus years without much to do...

Uhhhmmm.....Excuse me, but BUBBA only had open heart surgery all while acting as a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR at the request of W. W said, BUBBA don't like what we're doing with the ECONOMY! Bubba thinks the Economy might not react positively with some of the things we're planning .