Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tolerance and the Lack Thereof

Most people can understand that I write my thoughts here for my amusement and the amusement of a few others, most notably Pam. If you find yourself upset by some of the things that I do write, you are probably a thinking person and probably are justified in your emotional reaction or just weak intellectually. Take your pick.

That said, I have had the good fortune to have had numerous debates/disagreements with folks that comment here and rarely has it gotten ugly. My last post was one that linked an article from the Denver Channel, obviously a place that has more money than good sense, but I digress.

It seems that this post raised the ilk of a humanoid that goes by the name of Phq Mi Run'n who is obviously plagued by feelings of inadequacy of biblical proportions. (If your bidness is too small player, I can send you some links to "Grow Your Schlong, Inc.") While I am not sure whether this person is male or female, laborer or management, leaded or unleaded, fight or flight, this person also knows little if anything about me. Therefore, I will make the determination that I care NOT for them ever returning to read my work and will dissect their obvious stupidity with all the love and understanding that I can muster.

Belly up to the Two Dogs Humiliation Bar, Phq Mi Run'n, what's your poison? From this point in time, to save time, I shall refer to this person as Festering Asshole, FA for short....

FA's comment: You so intorerant of people for having different names. You wirr burn in herr!

While I have trouble dealing with your gianormous grasp of the English language, I am guessing that FA means that "Two Dogs, you will burn in Hell!"

FA's Idiotic Point #1: Two Dogs wrote something that made fun of exotic names. Nope, not once did I do that, I simply linked an article that stated some weak statistical findings that are so completely elementary that FA could even see that there was no value. Wait, obviously NOT. But, since you mention it, wonder what the dumbest name in the history of the world could be? Yep, the English translation of your name, "F*ck Me Running".

FA's Idiotic Point #2: Two Dogs is intolerant of other people that are not like him. Again I say all I did was link. I challenge anyone to point to anything that states my opinion in the post, unless it's my suggested satirical names. Thirty-four words were written by me, two of which were posing as proper names. Congrats, Ass-hat, your grasp of the English language is only topped by your reading prowess.

FA's Idiotic Point #3: Two Dog's salvation is determined by an Ass-hat that has no idea who I am and for what I stand. With fourteen words, FA has set the Stupidity Bar at an all-time high. Howard Dean can never reach this level, well, yea, he probably will, but it's going to be difficult.

Anyhoo, thanks for playing, Mr. Tons of Tolerance, you are the laughing stock of at least three people in the world. Please return and share more of your reams of wisdom with all the unwashed masses.

Additional Info: One of the first linkers to this site is having a tough time right now, hit your knees and keep Nzyme in your prayers.



Wayne World said...

Two Dogs, you KNOW that was YOU!!!!!!!Now Post the Picture of Beyonce!!!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

I have no idea who it was, but it took me a minute to figure out the name.

Steve B said...

Hey, Dog man,

It's possible the dude was spoofing you. It sounds the the burn in herr thing might have been poking fun at the way asian people tend to mangle "ell" sounds.

And I'm for thinking "phuq mi run'n" is just too perfect to be accidental.

Either way, you have a most respectable flame post here. Hats off!

Paul Mitchell said...

It just has to be a spoof. But, in case it wasn't......

Erik Grow said...

What is wrong with Nzyme?

Chris said...

Man TD that was some funny shat spoof or not

great stuff man ROFLMAO


Nzyme said...

Thanks for your prayers, Two Dogs.

The Bobo Knitter said...

Aw! Partisan Pundit my momma's gonna whoop yer ass for making fun of the way she says her "ell"s! Great Flame post TD :)

Imara said...

>I have no idea who it was, but it took me a minute to figure out the name.

Uhhh... seriously doubt that!

Chris said...

Man TD that was some funny shat spoof or not

great stuff man ROFLMAO