Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, This is Suprising!

Not really, y'all knew it.

Your Political Profile and Rank in Intelligence

Overall: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Social Issues: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Personal Responsibility: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Fiscal Issues: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Ethics: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Defense and Crime: 1,000,000% Conservative/Intelligent, 0% Liberal/Stupid

Smartest Dude in the World: Two Dogs



Erik Grow said...

I'll bet you'd be surprised to know I came out 40% conservative and only 60% liberal on that test, which sounds pretty moderate to me still, unless moderates don't exist. I saw a longer, more detailed and more insightful test somewhere months ago. It was broken down into social and economic issues, and liberal, slightly left of center, moderate, slightly right of center, and conservative. My score?
Social issues - Slightly left
Economic issues - Moderate

Paul Mitchell said...

yep, you are just a tad to the left of me, Erik. Notice my scores?

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, ONLY conservatives care about people, Liberals try to move toward Socialism which has only killed like 20 million people this past century. Conservatives=Freedom

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, let's think about this. Nazism/Liberal, Communism/Liberal, Federalism/Liberal, Fascism/Liberal. What part of these things are so hard to understand? Every Liberal government has led towards slavery and death. Why can y'all not understand that?

Liberal programs: Social Security, Welfare, Federal Schools, Nationalized Health Care, why can't y'all understand that there has been 0% success with what you believe in? Why keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results? That is why I say Liberalism=Stupidity because Leftists never learn from their mistakes and it happens every time they decide something is a good idea.

Let's put it in the simplest terms possible. The Democrat Party has figured out that their ideas are idiotic, that is why they never come up with anything anymore. The only thing the Democrats say is that Bush is stupid and his policies don't work, even when they are proven wrong every single time without fail. Seems pretty simple to me.

Erik Grow said...

Score one for Imara!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Before we head off on a tangent here, let's look at the "facts" Imara has presented. No Child Left Behind is actually one of the worst Bills ever to come through Congress. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is bad policy. Oh, and Teddy Kennedy was the sponsor. Need I say more.

Health care is not an issue for the Federal government, it is socialism, a Liberal Red Herring. Intelligent people do not want the Fed involved.

The unemployment statistics are false that are stated above. Unemployment is at its lowest point since 1984. Oh and Reagan was President then. Never in Bill Clinton tenure did unemployment get lower than it is now. Check the stats, not your heart. And I have already addressed the salary issue with statistics in another post, your feelings again are wrong.

On the Veteran's benefits, again, you are wrong. I know that it seems like a good thing to say, but facts do not support your feelings.

Where in the Hell have terrorists struck since 9-11? I'm sorry that just doesn't make sense. Again, your feelings are wrong.

Imara, I could go on and on as well, but it would be nice to argue against facts. I can't keep up with what Democrats are feeling these days.

And Erik, score is Two Dogs 1,000,000; Imara 0.

Erik Grow said...

Well, at least nobody can accuse you of being fair and balanced. *snicker*

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, again and again, you fail to get any point. Imara at least tried to come up with something that made sense.

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, on the unemployment numbers, I posted the graph/numbers from the Dept of Labor over a month ago. At that time they posted the numbers throughout Clinton's entire rape through the White House. The lowest numbers posted during those eight years was 5.2 back in 1994. He never went lower unless there has been some adjusting of numbers that far back.

Again, I will say that good men do things that are bad. No Child Left Behind is NOT Constitutional. Please find anything in the Constitution about funding Public schools other than 16th section land. Keep your Federal Government outta my State schools. No Child Left Behind is unconstitutional, how many times do I need to say that?

Yes, Imara, unlike the Democrat Party, Republicans embrace all kinds. Try any of the Republicans from the Northeast, all Socialists.

As far as the terrorism is concerned, I would beg to differ on your interpretation of numbers. I do not remember one terrorist attack in this country unless you count the shooting in LAX. So, I would say that Bush's War on Terror is very successful. If you want to place blame for the increased attacks around the world, if that IS the case, I would place blame on the appeasement crowd.

Imara, healthcare is not a Federal issue. Find healthcare in the Constitution. You know that large corporations are not the problem with any costs involved, even a most cursory look inward would tell you that it has to do with John Edwards and his ilk channeling little girl's souls and other courtroom grandstanding.

And furthermore, if there was an actual emergency and you needed a doctor, they will serve you at any emergency room. However, people have begun to use the ER as a place to get a cold treated. I thought you were a nurse, you should keep abreast of things like this.

Score is still TD-1,000,000 Imara-oh hell Imara is scoring 'cause she's using her head for something other than separating her ears. Let's give her, uh, 5 points. But, that's better than anyone else can do.

Wayne World said...

Imara, the longer you make your answers, the longer he makes his!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

It's my blog, now contribute something.

Wayne World said...

> It's my blog, now contribute something


Paul Mitchell said...

Damn impressive,soundboyz.

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, I don't have time to research the numbers right now, I do have that posted about a month ago.

I do not believe that second statement of yours though. People with insurance go to the ER as much if not more. They do not have to mess with much paperwork then. There is such a small percentage of people without coverage, it just doesn't even merit a discussion. And if you think that 1% figure, you need your head examined.

Imara, I always enjoy the banter between you and your lesser half. Absolutely no hard feelings from me at all.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, great a moderate.

Basil said...

Moderate? Every time I hear that word and see/read someone proud to be a moderate, I'm reminded of the line from 1964: "Moderation in pursuit of freedom is no virtue."

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for playing, basil. You sure look young in your profile picture. Does your mama know where you are or are all of those sisters looking after you?

Wayne World said...

Basil, why don't you go watch Romper Room or something youngin'!!!!!!

Every reasonable human being should be a moderate Socialist.
-Thomas Mann

Spacemonkey said...

Two Dogs I am jealous, not one, not two but three, persistant voices of antagonism. You're my hero.