Thursday, June 30, 2005

All the Torture That's Fit to Print for Splodeydopes*

It seems that as usual, to the point of puking, the screaming nutcases on the Left are.......wrong, yet again. Shit.

It must suck bad to be so stupid that you believed the torture allegations at Guantanamo Bay. Representative Sheila "Splodeydope" Jackson Lee (Dumbass-Texas) didn't quite eat crow, but she licked it.

Links? Yea, I got 'em.

Splodeydope Killa'
Splodeydope Killa' (With 10 commissions and 400 reporters, you'd think that someone would have gotten pictures of these poor, abused, "innocent" people getting tortured.)
Splodeydope Killa' (A few years ago? Is my time-frame machine busted?)
Splodeydope Killa' As one photo shows, they are not denied their "special" bonding. Heh.
Splodeydope Killa' Look out, it's Boortz. You might get your feelings hurt.

*Splodeydopes was a term that I saw at Vince Aut Morire, I don't know if Eric coined the term, but I sure as Hell like it. And will continue to use it until you want to kill me. (If you don't already.)

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