Saturday, June 11, 2005

And What Did I Miss?

Being the traffic whore that I am, the first thing that I do in the morning after the shakes stop is check my TTLB Status. Well, today it has happened.

Ecosystem Details: Mean Ol' Meany
Inbound Unique: 245 Current Status: Large Mammal
Average Daily Visits: 99 Current Rank: #789

As far as I can tell, this is all due to the interest in the last couple of days in the Coalition of the Chillin' and the member blogs, especially Strata-Sphere and the Carnival of the Chillin'. Hey, and they even got a really cool MAP. And of course, the linking from Pam and joe-6-pack.

I am sure that some of this traffic has come as a result of joining the Homespun Bloggers Cult which coincidentally was formed on my fortieth birthday. Fate? Probably not. Destiny? Yep, that is what it is.

While I know that this traffic and ranking can't last, I done got a swole-head. Fear me.


on-the-rocks said...

What is your next goal?

BTW, do you have any thoughts on the "Jesus hates beaners" caption below Michelle Malkin's photo, over at Liberal Avenger? Yeah, I know, we will bump up his numbers.

The Mayor said...

When unions say it's *not about the money*, you can be sure it's about the money. When bloggers say they don't blog for the hits, it's usually about the hits.

Nice to see you're completely honest about it.

As for me, it's not about the hits(I'm lying of course)

Paul Mitchell said...

I do enjoy that traffic a bunch, but the comments are what really crank my tractor. It's almost like having a conversation but you don't have to even acknowledge the other person unless you want to. Thanks for coming back, Mr. Mayor.

The Mayor said...

Hey, you got me hooked. Plus, now I've been introduced to Joe-6-pack and a few other very good sites through your site.

Keep up the good work.