Monday, June 20, 2005

For My Leftist Friends

Polls, polls, and more polls. The major newspapers and bigger Leftist websites would have you believe that Bush's policies are tanking his poll numbers. My take has always been that the polls are commissioned by these same outlets and are seriously skewed. I distinctly remember that George W. Bush was going to lose the election by something akin to 678% or close to that. I think that most polls even said that the American voters would have Bush pulled out of the White House and shot on the lawn, but my memory is kinda fuzzy on that, I could be wrong.

By way of Omnipundit, there is an interesting take on poll numbers that seems to point to the idea that Bush is doing pretty damn good in the areas of things that adults worry about. Nah, there's nothing there about whether we should eat meat or not.

Shocking? Not to me.