Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hey, We Ain't Torturing Nobody, SHUT UP!

I'm sick of folks in our country saying how evil Americans are. If you believe that, I'm guessing that you live in the wrong place.

We are the good guys, and you cannot dispute it. Just shut up, what you are doing is not one of those freedom of speech things. Read THIS by Dr. Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report.

UPDATE: I guess this post was a little ambiguous in its content so I will elaborate. We are at war. During times of war, there are things known to the vast majority of people as "Prisoners of War". This has gone on since before the beginning of historical time. When you capture one of the enemy, you DO NOT put him on trial. You do not send him back home to rejoin the fight unless in a prisoner swap, and you follow the Rules of Engagement set by a multitude of different laws or morals.

That said, the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba NEVER followed the rules. They did not wear uniforms, they did not fight on a battlefield, and they harmed women and children. They are NOT soldiers, they are terrorists or friends of terrorists. Furthermore, they are receiving medical care, food, shelter, water, and are allowed to pray and we even bought them their Holy Book. For heaven's sake, they have it better there than they did in their own country.

At some point, the few that are braying loudly about our mistreatment of these prisoners of war must at least come forward and say what they want us to do with them. If they want us to release them, then they want our soldiers to die. It's that simple. If they want us to take PRISONERS OF WAR and try them in our courts, it is a violation of everything that has happened in war ever in the history of mankind. In essence they want US to violate the rules. That makes them traitors to their cause.

If you honestly believe that our country is violating the Geneva Convention, then maybe you should check out the rules set down by the convention. Simply put, they do not apply here. If you think that our troops are torturing these prisoners, then maybe you need to check your definition of torture.

Listen, tee-teeing on a book ain't torture. Turning the air conditioner down really low has just gotta suck, but it is not torture either. If these prisoners were thinking people, they would realize that they are going to get exactly what they dish out.

And now with that said, I will say this, the Democrats are NOT supporting our war effort. That means that they are NOT supporting our troops. This has always been the case ever since this war started. Supporting the troops means voting to give the money to armor-up the vehicles our guys use. It means sending them whatever they need to do their job and get their asses back home in one piece.

I could not care less if you think that the war is justified. It is going on right now. That is etched in stone. Get behind the war effort or shut the Hell up. If you speak up and say "No War For Oil!", you sound ridiculous, but it's the same as wanting the other guys to win. We are at war, root for our side, dammit.

Backing our troops also means understanding that there WILL be one or two incidents of soldiers making mistakes and doing something that seems wrong to us, but at the time, the soldiers were trying to save their own lives and the lives of their buddies. And these mistakes are always going to happen, it's a damn war. These soldiers are not evil, they made mistakes in the heat of battle.

Guess what, war kills people and breaks things. I know that ain't good and maybe that's why William Sherman said all those profound things about war for that one little reason.

The reason I said to just shut up is because everything the left has done in the past few months has worked against their cause. I am screaming this to try to tell y'all that what you are trying is stupid, you are not winning converts to your side, you are turning people away from you. It's stupid.

Okay, one more point. Democrats, when you come up with an idea, and it seems like a good one, just pick the other side and you will be on the side of the vast humongous majority of your country. Do this enough and you will stop looking so foolish. I've said this once before, I want the Democrat Party to become a viable option again. But, listen to me, please, you are on the wrong side of damn near every issue that is facing our country right now. Just shut up and let the adults handle things for a while.

UPDATE AGAIN, DAMMIT KELLY: Kelly has pointed out another little tidbit that I need to address. Our military caught these guys. George McHitlerburton and Dick Vader didn't. I believe our military, if you don't, I'm sorry.

FINAL UPDATE: Gun-Toting Liberal addresses this SAME ISSUE. And he's a liberal, hence the name.

LAST FINAL UPDATE: Pam Meister, as usual, has a great POST kicking Kos' ass about his stupidity.

Sorry, I could only make it to the P's on my blogroll tonight. Yeah, I know I suck.