Thursday, June 09, 2005

Surely the World Will Come to an End

California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown has been confirmed to the DC Circuit Court. Hope she turns out better than the last few justices nominated by Republican presidents. Dammit, another token black person moves up because of Republicans. What would that make her, an Aunt Tom or an Uncle Tommess?

Oh, and don't call me Shirley.

UPDATE: Frank J has some advice to increase the "Big-Tent" over at the DNC, because you know that Howard Dean is a genius.

Hey! Rory's cooking AGAIN.

UPDATE II: I knew that at some point THIS link would come in handy.

UPDATE III: Sorry, but I found THIS via Rightwingsparkle. I would be Dual Doge at the Northeast of Italy. Damn cool and it links, too. Check out all the folks on the Chillin' map. And not only that, Decision '08 has an updated list of those of us 'dat be Chillin'. This is the only place that I am above Glenn Reynolds in the 'Sphere.

UPDATE IV: The Carnival of the Chillin' is up at The Strata-Sphere. Man, those folks is chillin'.


Paul Mitchell said...

Can you come up with any black folks that have moved up through the ranks under a Democrat administration that didn't wind up taking the fall for something? Or worse, wind up dead?

Seriously, Imara, the opposition, in my never to be humble opinion is the fact that Judge Rogers-Brown strayed from the plantation, so she gets ostracized for two years and held in limbo by "the party for the common man".

She got accused of being conservative while black. That is a no-no.

Paul Mitchell said...

Sorry that you think that the Secretary of State or Attorney General (Hispanic) is window dressing. Exactly what cabinet member in the Clinton administration was Black or Hispanic and didn't get charged with a crime or die?

Anonymous said...

"window dressings?" That is terrible Imara, you have more class than to stoop to petty name-calling, leave that for Howard Dean. There are more minorities in positions of leadership under this administration then ever before, you cannot reduce that accomplishment to mere window dressing.

And as far as disagreeing with Judge Brown's positions on the issues, she has consistently ruled according to the law. She isn't an activist judge, her personal positions haven't strayed into her work, I've read many of her opinions and she has been spot-on. She would not have been elected as a republican in california, if she was as fanatical as those on the left have recently made her out to be. No one had a "problem" with her positions on the issues until she was up for the circuit court. I applaud her accomplishments. She is a fine and a fair judge, and will continue to be a fine judge. I would be honored to have her hear one of my cases.

KR said...

*groan* 2D, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Paul Mitchell said...

Sorry, Kelly, just flaunting the truth. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Jocelyn Elder was the only one I can think of that didn't get charged with a crime, but Clinton hung her out to dry after the condom comment.

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, Sam. The masturbation thing is what I was actually thinking of.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pardoning PeeWee Herman that got Elders in trouble.

Paul Mitchell said...

I don't remember that one either.

Imara said...

Oddybobo, I think you're one classy chick, too!

Can't stand Howard Dean... who let that walking time-bomb out of his cage?! I have to admit, he might, MIGHT I add, cost the Dems some seats in '06, and the Big House in '08. Damn, damn, damn!!

As for the Judge, I will leave the legal opinion to you- seeing as you're the expert in this area. However, the items that I have read and heard about her, give me cause for concern. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing part of her confirmation hearing, and some of the comments she made raised an eyebrow. I guess we'll have to see, because we're stuck with her now. By the way, I hope you have the honor of being able to agrue a case or two in front of her. If so, I would be interested in hearing your opinion then. ;)

Two Dogs said...

Thanks, Sam. The masturbation thing is what I was actually thinking of.

Imara said...

Yeah! Me and several other black folks I know. I know you think blacks as a whole are better off under this administration, but the truth is, we're not. As far as taking the fall... you may have a point, but that's because the black folks in this administration can only get so close to the "action". They are just window dressings.