Sunday, June 12, 2005

This is a Sign of Armageddon

Well, after a fun day jumping around and visiting the contrarian blogs, it seems that I have picked up a few more admirers. Folks, something is broken at the TTLB Ecosystem. . Here's where we are today.

Ecosystem Details: Mean Ol' Meany

Inbound Unique: 370 Current Status: Large Mammal
Average Daily Visits: 107 Current Rank: #402

I would like to take this opportunity to say, okay what's going on here? There are a few regular commenters to this site. Are y'all putting up bogus websites to do nothing but link here? Is this all a game to make me the most dangerous human in the world? 'Cause trust me, my head can't get much larger.

This is me feeling like Sally Field, remember that crap? Okay, I'm adding Haloscan comments later today, start your trackbacks, please.

UPDATE: I just realized, it's not me, but Dr. Akeith that y'all are in love with. Damn, just double damn.