Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is the United States of America

I know that the concept of freedom is damn near impossible for some to accept, but I am here to straighten it all out for y'all. It is a difficult task, but I am up to it and yes, I have the patience. This country was founded on individualism, not that hyphenated crap that passes for what this country stands for these days. Sink or swim, survival of the fittest, that is what made this country great.

There has been an outcry from people of much lesser intelligence that the Public Broadcasting System might have its funding cut. Yea, well, most people don't watch that crap. You see, in a society that is built upon the premises of Capitalism, a state funded television network that pumps out stuff like Al Jazeera is not watched by freedom loving Americans. Bill Moyers is not the truth, in fact, he is an absolute blatant liar. Anyone that thinks that PBS is NOT Leftist is a moron, hey don't hit me with your purse, you sissy! I know, I know, you're sitting there going, "But Two Dogs, it's Sesame Street!" Hey, Sesame Street sucked thirty years ago and it sucks now. Electric Company was the only thing worth watching on PBS and guess what? Morgan Freeman is gone, baby. Turn that crap off and pick up a book.

Dig your head outta your ass, dingbats, kids hate Sesame Street these days, just as intelligent kids hated Sesame Street way back when. Kids don't watch PBS in droves, the majority of people that do watch public broadcasting are bitter unemployable people that are looking for any programming that points in the "I hate America" direction. Spend your welfare check and get CNN. They hate America better than anyone could ever dream of doing. At least then I am only paying for your television viewing pleasure once.

I don't hate this country. There is a vast majority of people in this country that agree with me. People do not watch PBS because its programming sucks. If it weren't for the Leftists in Congress, this terrible waste of taxpayer money would have been shut down long ago. But what about the arts and kids programming? Most people realize that if PBS or NPR was worth saving, then there would be no problem. However, it seems that the genre that you are talking about has never survived on its own on PBS or any other channel for that matter. And furthermore, it never will as long as socialists and America haters run the stations.

My rational take on the situation is this: CUT 100% OF ALL FEDERAL FUNDING, to Hell with that forty-five percent of the expected increase crap. There are no intelligent people watching PBS, there are no thinking people that listen to NPR. I am sick of our Federal Government wasting MY money on stupid stuff that seven traitorous people in the country sit down to watch or listen to every night.

Did you know that not only does the Public Broadcasting System suck taxpayer dollars down the toilet, but they also run fundraisers four times a year? They can't break even with all that money. They have never shown a profit ever since they started the fundraising. They are just like Amtrack. If PBS was a public service that was viable, maybe they wouldn't have to fleece introvert librarians to try to help them limp along. But Hell no, they have to bilk these helpless spinsters out of their money too. Great folks, those PBSer's.

Did you know that at the end of this year analog television is not even supposed to be available? Well, I would guess that you didn't know because you were tied up watching stupid things like Frontline on PBS. Hey, I have an idea, why don't you stop watching ridiculous Leftist propaganda and pick up a damn book? Maybe a newspaper, just not the New York Times. Try the Washington Times. Yea, analog television is going by the wayside. That means that either PBS has to be shut down or the pork barrel floodgates open to upgrade those bastards' transmitting capabilities.

Of course you don't understand this. Pick up a Newsweek and check on the torture going on at Guantanamo Bay. It will make you feel better about hating our country, because you know you do, but you will still say that you support the troops. Okay, YOU. ARE. A. LIAR.

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