Monday, July 04, 2005

July 4, 2005 Declare Loudly and Proudly Your Independence

For some particular reason, I feel the need to rant a little on a couple of items of the day. Bear with me, this could get ugly or not.

At one point in the past, the "Liberals" were the ones that wanted to break from Mother England and start their own little, red wagon running along. Since the Leftists in this country have perverted the definition of the word, Liberal, into something that is akin to kiddie pr0n, we have to say the word, spit, and hope the taste goes away quickly.

That said, I'm a-gonna start here: Leftists or the New Liberals have ruined the two party system in this country and have trashed our beloved Constitution enough. Dammit, will the few in the Democrat Party that can actually breathe with your mouths closed, please start the push to take back your party? I have become so increasingly ill from listening to the Leftists talk about things like they are surprised that the Leftists on the Supreme Court found against Private Property ownership. Dammit, Gomer, you know full well that today's Liberals DO NOT believe in Individualism. Everyone is the same and no one should have more than anyone else.

Sorry, people, I am not interested in having my success tied to the lowest common denominator of this country. Whatever you choose to believe, check this: I AM BETTER THAN SOME OF THE "PEOPLE" THAT LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY! Harsh? Not in the least. If you can't say the same, I seriously think that you have some insecurity issues or maybe you are just dumb as a post. Simply put, there are some child molesters and rapists running around, are you no better than that? Come on, don't be judgmental, Two Dogs. Ahhhh, shut up, dammit!

This is Independence Day, so pull yourself UP to the ideals set by the founders of this great nation. Yea, I know that they were all just rich, white dudes. So what? Maybe they did something that they needed to do to get that way. (the white withstanding) It makes no difference who you are, what you do, and where you live, you still have the opportunity to achieve the greatness that was inherent in the men who offered their families, businesses, and very lives to give you the FREEDOM to live your life as you see fit. If you are a garbageman, then be the best one that you can be. Carefully place the can on the curb like a professional. I really appreciate not having to purchase a new can every year. Maybe I'll tape a check on the can a couple of times a year as thanks for a job well done.

And for those that were born into poverty, maybe some of the successful people that are prominent today started in poverty too. Quit whining about how unfair life is in this country, get off of your ass and make your own future. Kinda like George Walton did back in the 1700's. Google the name yourself, Deadbeat.

And my trust fund dried up the day I turned sixteen, how unfortunate. Oh, cry me a frigging river.

Clarification: My garbageman actually puts the lid back on the can and I have to look into it to see if the trash got picked up. Damn fine work, guys.