Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday Rambling Rant

As ordered by Chrenkoff, I just got through reading a Democratic Underground post and the comment threads that followed. The whistling noise that you hear is the vacuum that is created by the lack of any matter in these guy's and gal's heads. I now know where the people that are too stupid to sentence to jail hang out. It's at DU.

How, in the greatest country on planet Earth, are there people that really don't have a clue how to deal with evil? Even as a young, young boy, I knew that there were bad people. I mean at four years of age, I knew that there were people in this world that oozed evil with every breath. "Hey, Two Dogs, never, ever talk to strangers." Simple enough.

Now, with the onset of the Muslim's DECLARED war against anyone that isn't like them, there are still Splodeydopes* that think Muslims are killing innocent people because of what those same innocent people are doing. HELLO! Earth to Splodeydopes*! Could it be that their religion is formed around the concept of killing everyone that isn't Muslim?

I think that maybe if you dig a religion outta your ass based on a pedophile's raving lunacy form a religion, maybe it would be a good idea to push your followers toward a G_d-like existence, instead of killing anyone that doesn't agree with your opinion of the spiritual realm. Call me crazy, but I guess that is just my opinion on the ideal of a religion.

Okay, I am NOT advocating killing people just because they are Muslim, (as opposed to Muslims advocating killing anyone who is not Muslim) but I am saying that at some point the intelligent people (read: not Leftists) in this world better wake up and understand that there are some folks that just cannot see the forest for the stupidity in their heads (read: Leftists). If the adults do not stand up really soon and tell the kids to sit down on the bus, there are going to be serious problems.

Hey, Splodeydopes*, there are a few very vocal people that are screaming "No War for Oil", but there are only a few. Listen, and don't talk anymore.

*Splodeydopes was a term that I saw at Vince Aut Morire, I don't know if Eric coined the term, but I sure as Hell like it. And will continue to use it until you want to kill me. (If you don't already.)