Saturday, July 23, 2005

Those Damn Great Democrats Part V - Barbara Mikulski

To choose tonight's Loser, I glued the names on pieces of Beggin' Strips and fed them to my dog. First one out is the target. And the Loser is Barbara Mikulski (Dumbass-MD). "Her" website HERE. Oh. Good. Lord. Please forgive me, this is going to be brutal.

Okay, so everyone knows that all the good looking women are Conservative, but Maryland, did you HAVE to do this? And just my frigging luck, she has a photo gallery. There is just no damn justice. If I never see another hobbit for the rest of my natural life, it will be too damn soon. Babs. Is. A. Hobbit.

After drinking a damn quart of pickle juice to keep from puking my ever-loving guts up, I begin. Please no more photos. Our little hobbit calls "her" website, her virtual office just like that paragon of justice, Ron Wyden. Geez, that is just so 1995. But, judging by that little pot-licker pantsuit she's wearing, she is 1995.

However, being the crab-loving bastard I am, I do respect the little Senator giving us a Crab Cake recipe on "her" frontpage. WTF? Next thing you know, Kennedy is going to have a recipe for fermented Scotch enemas up on "his" frontpage. Make. It. Stop. You are a damn Senator, Babs, start acting like one, you might be someone's grandmother, but no more of the idiotic recipes on your site. Let's talk tax-cuts and dead terrorists. Sorry, I forgot you were a Democrat.

Hot off the presses, on July 21, 2005, Babs secures funds to help fight crime and drug use in Langley Park. The funds are directed towards the Mother Teresa Center and the funds will be administered by the Archdiocese of New York. The same one that has defrocked pedophile priests in the last few weeks. It seems that Democrats want to talk about the "Separation Clause" until they can start to manipulate their base of pedophiles. Please tell me why this a National issue?

Since everyone knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALL pedophiles vote Democrat, let's move on to something of substance, but I just can't find it. There is the obligatory link-fest to various "Support the Troops" sites, but no legislation or press releases of ANY damn weight. HERE you can find the feel-good pap that she smears.

Sorry, there is nothing interesting or intelligent about this "Senator". Maryland, you have elected a dishrag. And she makes almost $160,000.00 a year. Bury YOUR faces in shame.

Butcher's Bill of Democrat Senators: Akaka, Daniel-(D-HI), Baucus, Max-(D-MT), Bayh, Evan-(D-IN), Biden, Joseph-(D-DE), Bingaman, Jeff-(D-NM), Boxer, Barbara-(D-CA), Byrd, Robert-(D-WV), Cantwell, Maria-(D-WA), Carper, Thomas-(D-DE), Clinton, Hillary-(D-NY), Conrad, Kent-(D-ND), Corzine, Jon-(D-NJ), Dayton, Mark-(D-MN), Dodd, Christopher-(D-CT), Dorgan, Byron-(D-ND), Durbin, Richard-(D-IL), Feingold, Russell-(D-WI), Feinstein, Dianne-(D-CA), Harkin, Tom-(D-IA), Inouye, Daniel-(D-HI), Jeffords, James-(I-VT), Johnson, Tim-(D-SD), Kennedy, Edward-(D-MA), Kerry, John-(D-MA), Kohl, Herb-(D-WI), Landrieu, Mary-(D-LA), Lautenberg, Frank-(D-NJ), Leahy, Patrick-(D-VT), Levin, Carl-(D-MI), Lieberman, Joseph-(D-CT), Lincoln, Blanche-(D-AR), Mikulski, Barbara-(D-MD),Murray, Patty-(D-WA), Nelson, Bill-(D-FL),Nelson, Ben-(D-NE), Obama, Barack-(D-IL), Pryor, Mark-(D-AR), Reed, Jack-(D-RI), Reid, Harry-(D-NV), Rockefeller, John-(D-WV), Salazar, Ken-(D-CO), Sarbanes, Paul-(D-MD), Schumer, Charles-(D-NY), Stabenow, Debbie-(D-MI), Wyden, Ron-(D-OR).