Thursday, July 07, 2005

An Unapologetic American Country Boy

Here's my idea: Inform the Middle East and any country that has a contingent of Islamic people in their midst, that the bombing will begin in two days. TWO DAYS! I have no care in the world what this means to them. If your country has people of the Islamic persuasion that do not renounce the bombing in Great Britain and the outright murder of the Saudi envoy yesterday, offer up the murdering pieces of shit in your religion, and cry tears of blood in 24 hours, your country is going to cease to exist. Period. At least forty dead and seven hundred wounded in Great Britain; religion of peace, my ass.

Oh, and round up every Muslim in the United States. Get those murdering folks off the streets until you can figure out which ones are the "peaceful" ones. Protect the innocent women and children that these murderers attack.

I am actually promoting the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS because of this latest series of attacks. I have arrived at this point by being the understanding person that I am and I UNDERSTAND that Muslims are not going to try to promote their religion in any sort of a passive way. Muslim=Terrorist. ENOUGH. I have had enough.

The Left will turn and ask, "Why are they doing this?" My answer is one of such simplicity that most thinking people would never ask the question. "Because they are BLOOD-THIRSTY SAVAGES. Yea, keep asking why and never turn and say, "FUCK YOU, MURDERING PIECE OF SHIT."

Islam means peace? Yea, the Easter Bunny means free sex, drugs, and rock and roll for everyone, too. Come on, folks, it doesn't mean peace if the Imams and the terrorists in charge say "Death to the Infidels!"

Fuck it! Let's make some glass!

UPDATE: One of my more thinking friends has come up with an even better idea. Thanks to GBFan for putting the thinking cap on and offering the greatest idea ever.

I loved your bomb them post. I have the same Idea with a twist. (Ed Note: No, GBFan, your idea is the best one that I have heard. Mine is not even in the same realm.)

GBFan's Idea:

Picture this: President Bush gives a press conference from Minot, North Dakota standing next to the blast doors of a ICBM silo.

"To all members of the Religion of Peace, the next time there is a large scale attack against the United States or any, I repeat, any, of our allies, this missile will fly. This missile will detonate with a ground burst right in the center of Mecca. Islam's Holiest sight will be radioactive for about 500+ years."

"So to those who say Islam is a religion of peace, start handing the terrorist dogs over to us now. It is time to put the rest of Muslim world on call; either you're with us or you're against us."

Since you can't really attack one nation like Germany or Japan, threaten Mecca. That should get their attention.