Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well, I'd Love to Spit Some BeechNut in That Dude's Eye

With kudos to Hank Jr.

It seems that a pop-up at has given me an added feature in my browser called "Aurora". It's a great little program that hijacks your browser and allows you surf pr0n at anytime that you want, allows you to never modify toolbars, and shows you all the bling-bling that Fiddy got. I hafta format my damn drive today just to get that little plus outta my life.

Was I running a pop-up blocker? Only two. Do I have a spyware killa' program? Three. I can't believe that "Hijack This" can't get rid of this crap, so here goes my day.

I swear upon my late Uncle Clem's grave, that if I could find the person that wrote this program, I would beat the mortal shit outta him/her. They have it coming.

UPDATE: 5:45PM, I am now up and running. Like you care.

Welcome to y'all from the Bonfire of the Vanities. The frontpage of my mediocrity is HERE.