Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Chimpy McHitlerburton has nominated Pennsylvania Blogger Oddybobo appeals judge John Roberts Jr. to the seat being vacated by Leftist Sandra Day O'Connor. The first question that I have is "Who the Hell is that?" Let's find out.

HERE's the official release from the White House. Pretty tame stuff, so I rolled out the Cray 6000 to do some more digging. Here's what I found.

Democratic Underground is coughing up their collective skull, HERE. Need I say more? Okay, if DU hates this guy that they have never heard of, I guess he's okay in my opinion. HERE is more links to DU comments.

The Splodeydopes at Kos are in a dither, HERE. Feel better yet?

Mark at Decision '08 has his prediction HERE. Seems to be pretty reasonable.

And finally, what y'all have been waiting for: The Two Dogs take on things. He is okay, I guess. Probably can't hold a candle to Charles Pickering, but is less likely to bring the loser party to a head. I'm cool with it.