Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gone 'Round The Bend

The phrase that Pam used to describe "Grieving Moral Authority Cindy Sheehan". This post will actually include my opinion.

Comments and e-mails in the last few days have been light except for the White Trash Wednesday post about Ms. Sheehan. Folks, let's see if you can buy a clue here.

You see, the United States military is an ALL VOLUNTEER army. Ours is not like the ones in the vast majority of other countries. Our service personnel sign up because they CHOOSE to enlist. If someone enlists in OUR military, it is done with the knowledge that they WILL have to shoot, fight, and in extreme cases, DIE in the service of our country. The Left has placed our military in the position of being policeman for the entire world. This is a very simple concept in most circles, but it seems that the far left has problems with the basic idea of exactly what the military does.

Our armed forces are exactly that: ARMED FORCES. I know that the Left wants our military to become a humanitarian group and do nothing but cart food and water around the globe, but the premise behind having a military is that they will kill people and break their stuff. Most children understand this concept at an early age.

To get to the point of actually publishing anything that Cindy Sheehan has to say or do shows complete lunacy on the part on the mainstream media. This woman has no new insight on anything. As long as there are wars in this world, there will be mothers burying their children. And as long as there are people on this planet, there will be wars.

Here's a FACT: There is no place on Earth that the policies of the Left haven't been tried and haven't failed. Except for Cuba and the success of the Left there is very obvious. It seems that throughout history, every country has tried to make achievement universal. It is just not possible. Every single person has different desires and goals and for the Left to attempt to dictate those ideals to people is a losing proposition.

Back to Cindy. She has adopted the policies of the Far Left as her platform. It is easy to discredit her because there is a whole boatload of information from antiquity forward for that sole purpose. Place her on a pedestal if you want moonbats, but don't come running to me if another Leftist is never elected again. This falls under the category of insanity. Y'all try everything in your power to discredit President Bush, but I recommend that y'all try to come up with policy that sells to the intelligent people instead of the unwashed, America haters.

Finally, my opinion on Cindy Sheehan. She has dishonored her son. She has used the death of her own flesh and blood to further an ideology that HE did not share. Could there be anyone more repugnant in a time of war? Sure, remember the same people back in the Sixties? Yes, they were/are traitors to the country. If they had actually accomplished what they were attempting, we would all be wearing the garb of the proletariat of Russia right now and starving to death.

Is Cindy Sheehan grieving the loss of her son? No, she is using his death to make herself popular with the people that will love her for a minute and discard her when the "new kid" comes along. Is she being used by the Left? No, she is very well aware what the outcome will be. It seems that she IS one of those people. Is she someone that President Bush should talk to? Obviously, because he has already talked to her. At length. Should we follow the advice of Leftists that want us to shut up? Sure, but it will happen as soon as those same Leftists quit trashing this country.

I know that I am late to this "Bash on Cindy" party, but trust me, I will be on top of the next incident like this that WILL start in September. That will be the time that the Left finds another champion in the never-ending quest to make this country SUCK like Cuba. At this particular time, the Left will move on, but maintain the idea that Cindy Sheehan did not have her head firmly wedged in her ass. But, she does.