Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mercy, Mercy, Me - The Kerry Stalker Part IV

This is just incredible. (Click the picture for the larger screenshot.) This shot was just too asinine to pass up. I bet y'all thought that I was kidding.

My Response

To The Head Moron in Charge,

This is the fourth time that I have unsubscribed from your spam list. It has become obvious that your organization is using a spam-bot to find addresses to mail this unsolicited pandering for dollars. I get less spam-mail from the Viagra people.

Please try to get me off your spam list AND you might want to skip sending this Hurricane e-mail to other people from Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and other states that were affected by the hurricane. At least TRY to have some sense of right and wrong while you are trying to get people to vote for this man that hates our country.

I know that the vast majority of the people working at your organization are complete morons, there is no other reason that you would work for an organization that supports a treasonous, lying, Democrat hack, but at least crank up the old gray matter before hitting send on your spam-bot.

While, I do agree that obviously 48% of the country shares your organization's hatred of this country, you might want to restrict your spamming to the areas of the country where your candidate received a percentage of the vote. We adults in the areas that know beyond a shadow of a doubt what your party stands for DO NOT appreciate it at all when you interrupt our lives with this sophomoric drivel.

By the way, donations of my time and money have been towards my neighbors. I have spent the majority of the afternoon running a chainsaw to try to remove debris from my neighborhood. Trust me, sending money to groups that your organization pimps for falls low on my list. Does the Red Cross know that John F'ing Kerry is pimping for dollars on his website? Well obviously, because when I clicked the link in the e-mail, there was a little redirect that included Kerry's name. Can't have that pimping go unnoticed, huh?

You people should hit your knees tonight and pray to whatever y'all pray to for forgiveness for your overwhelming stupidity. While I am not sure if what your organization is doing falls in the category of being illegal, it sure is tasteless and stupid.

UPDATE: A commenter brought up the point that the Red Cross is a good charity. There is only one problem with that comment, the AMERICAN Red Cross ( a good charity, the INTERNATIONAL Red Cross ( something completely different. Ironically, Kerry's spam-mail links the International Red Cross. Couldn't expect otherwise.