Thursday, September 01, 2005

George W. Bush Cut All Flood Control Funding!

As usual, not exactly. It is simply more of the Leftists' lies trying beyond all hope to pin the wrongs in this world on President Bush. Please folks, open a newspaper and do a little bit of checking before you open your pie-holes. Oh, and go buy a clue about anything. My suggestion would be to become the foremost authority on 'Curious George' books, then at least you could play the Chimpy McHitlerburton card properly.

By the way, it took me all of forty-five seconds to debunk this latest lie from the Left. You Leftists are just too stupid to read anything other than Democratic Underground.

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UPDATE: You might want to read the link that is posted above to understand how this is debunked. That old "cutting funding" argument has been around since the Left's favorite President was in office.

UPDATE AGAIN: It seems that the obvious needs to get a little more obvious for some. In the realm of building something, you CAN make it 100% safe. Of course there are some trade-offs like increasing costs of your product to the level that no one wants it. Design flaws are inherent in everything that man creates. Perfection is rarely attainable. Competition assures that most products will be safe because profit does not come from a faulty product. These premises can be applied to everything. Cities included.

(Hat-Tip: Little Green Footballs)

And these WEBSITES appear to be phishing scams! Beware!

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