Friday, September 23, 2005


There have been a couple of comments in the last day or so that deserve a proper response. There has been all kinds of chaff about racism being involved with the lack of response in New Orleans and other baffling crap. About Bush being a loser and a dumbass and I am now going to set the record straight.

First, let's address the Mississippi response after Hurricane Katrina. We did not experience the fiasco that was New Orleans because we are not partisan hacks. We care about our neighbors, rich or poor, black or white, Baptist or Catholic. That being said, Haley Barbour, our governor, did not hesitate to coordinate relief efforts with the Bush administration because he is not a partisan hack. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency did not refuse to work with the federal government because they are not partisan hacks. Our rescue workers did not refuse food and water from the Red Cross because they wanted to keep people from coming to a particular place.

Secondly, in Louisiana, the problems did not stem from the effects of the hurricane but from flooding that was caused after a recently completed levee failed. There was not a shortage of funding that caused the failure because the levee construction was completed. The failure occurred almost two days after the hurricane. People did not die because of a lack of response from the federal government because the damage caused by flooding was AFTER 7500 National Guard troops were already in New Orleans. People died because Blanco and Nagin are partisan hacks. Nagin relieved the police force from duty leaving the city completely at the mercy of killers. People died not because Blanco and Nagin didn't care about them, but because Blanco and Nagin wanted something to complain about and something to try to make President Bush look bad. Blanco and Nagin cared more about the Democrat Party than their constituency.

Thirdly, if you honestly think that the military did not provide enough help, you are a dumbass. Take that to mean that you are a dumbass. I have posted below the extent of the rescue effort of just ONE group from Georgia. Hate your country all you want, but you talk bad about these guys, Imma gonna stomp your ass.

Fourthly, if you are the type that wants your federal government to take care of all these situations, then I would suggest that you move to a country that has a type of centralized governmental structure that allows for that type of rule. That is not the United States form of government. Read the Constitution, dumbass.

Fifthly, if you think that President Bush is a man that is prone to failure, then I would suggest that you offer a different solution. So far, all the Left has done is try to place blame on the Federal Government for local failures. If it was a federal failure, it would have been across the board, not just in one isolated place that was not damaged that much by the storm. I know that the MSM has focused on New Orleans and you honestly think that is where the storm hit, but let me tell you, you are wrong.

Images from Long Beach, Mississippi, from My Thursday Night Scrog, Erin. I miss you, Muffin. These show what a hurricane does. Does New Orleans look like this?