Saturday, October 22, 2005

Panic in the Streets of Jackson

During "Action Man" I figgered that I would try out the camera phone. What wonderful resolution! And then I thought, maybe this IS what the show would look like to all those that partake in the wonderful treats that are so readily available at the rock show.

Scooter and I did have the best view in the house and Daryl made it even better by bringing the ol' man a folding metal chair. I have no pride or shame. A special kinda thanks to the young girl that waved the blinking thing around my head all night long. It was like taking a coupla' tabs and then getting a handjob.

Best part of the evening came when Scooter wanted to walk to the other side of the coliseum to see Jimmy Pete and we walked COMPLETELY around the building PLUS one more door. Remind me to never go hiking with that guy.

The show lasted a little over three hours and the music was good. Saw Taylor and Krissa. Taylor doesn't get out too much anymore because of the sooper secret thing with the bank and all.

I know you are thinking, "Would you go to another Panic show, Two Dogs?" Why yes, yes, I would.