Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's All About the Benjamins

Let's face it, Head Start sucks. Granted, it seemed like a good idea to attempt to teach kids to read and write at an earlier age than traditionally, but if you look at it, Head Start is not the program that can accomplish that task.

I am not going to try to show that all things are related and causal, but I am going to PROVE that Head Start is a complete waste of MY tax dollars. Just from the student-to-staff ratio of 865,000 students to 180,000 staff, you can see that there is something amiss. That breaks down to 4.8 kids to each staff member. That is nuts. Oh, from the NHSA website, they claim over one million kids and over 200,000 staff. They are lying, but just for the sake of argument, that is still 5 students per staff member.

Let's trudge on....In 1973, Head Start was first established in Kansas City, Missouri. Since that chapter has been around the longest, let's dissect the KC schools.

Simple math tells you that in the public schools in or around Kansas City, if the student body scores 5% or less and the state average is 33% or greater, something is very, very wrong.

Head Start is a program that is an even larger failure than Social Security. Throw more of my money in it, but still let it die. And then cut me a refund check. Quit crippling our children with "feel-good" programs and let them sink or swim on their own. And give me back my damn money.